Curly Q Lipstick Plant – How to Care of A Lipstick Plant 


All the varieties of lipstick plants are adorable. Curly Q lipstick plant is one of those amazing types. The tropics of the Malaya Peninsula are the native home of this houseplant. No doubt, this is the amazing category to intrigue your home with blossoms. 

Lipstick plants are known for their authentic colors and gushy stems. Ideally, they are hangable plants, to let them fully grow and to display their glory. If you are looking for a houseplant, then it would be a great choice.  

The name of the curly lipstick plant came from the scarlet flowers, which open from buds and look like a tube of lipstick. 

The conditions and requirements are almost the same for each type of lipstick plant. However, each variety is from the same category and is succulent. Hence, needs moderate watering. 

Curly Q Lipstick Plant Care

Light requirements 

They need indirect bright light. You will easily recognize when your plant will not get enough light. In insufficient light, they don’t flower. And if there is direct light, the flowers may damage and leaves may burn.

Temperature and environment 

Being originated from the tropics, they like warmth and high humid conditions. In a warm environment, these plants can stay outdoors all year. But in cool conditions, they can only survive during the spring and summer months. If the temperature drops down to 20, you should keep them indoors to stay healthy. 

A temperature of 21-27 C is ideal for their growth. In this range of temperatures, they will produce the best blooms. A regular mist with water will be the cherry on the cake, as humidity favors their growth. 

Soil and fertilizer 

For a curly Q lipstick plant, well-aerated soil and liquid fertilizer will be a good choice. Pay attention to the proper moisturizing of the soil. Don’t overwater it. In case you overwater your plant, use potting soil with extra drainages like perlite and pumice. 

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A curly Q lipstick plant is undoubtedly an intriguing houseplant. It is named so because of the scarlet flowers which resemble lipstick tubes. The requirements are high humidity and warm conditions. A temperature below 20C is not suitable for their growth. Indirect bright light with regular mist will help in providing the best blooms. Liquid fertilizer and aerated soil favor its growth. كرابس   

 Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you care for a curly Q lipstick plant?

Care for a curly Q lipstick plant is not too different from other categories of lipstick plants. You need to keep the temperature of soil and air between 21-27 degrees celsius. They prefer high humid conditions and produce the best blooms in a little warm and high humid state. Though, they can’t bear direct sunlight as their foliages might burn out or fall out. 

How often should I water a lipstick plant?

You don’t have to water it every day, as it can hold water for days. Being a category of succulent it requires occasional watering like once or twice a week. The best way to check the need for water is by observing the dryness of the soil. If the soil is dry at about 25%, sprinkle the sufficient water, to avoid overwatering. Overwatering can damage the plant and may cause some diseases like root rot, fungal issues, etc. 

During winters, they usually get moist and don’t require water for weeks. 

How much light do lipstick plants need?

Lipstick plants require bright indirect sunlight. You can’t place it in a place where the sun’s rays are high. Rather you should hang a lipstick plant from the ceiling or place it on a table to get a beautiful view of the houseplant. Don’t place them outdoors during summers as the heavy sunlight may fall out the leaves and foliages. You can place them in the bright early morning sun rays and replace them immediately when the sun gets overhead. 

Or else you can use an artificial source of light for obtaining favorable conditions for the plant. 

How do you maintain a lipstick plant?

Maintaining a lipstick plant is very easy and the best part is they don’t require some special conditions or place. You have to maintain it like normal water with occasional watering, favorable temperature, and enough humid conditions with bright sunlight. Apart from this, they also require the addition of fertilizers and pesticides for better growth.

How do I make my lipstick plant bushy?

Propagate it in lightweight potting soil, and water adequately. لعبه الروليت Now place the pot wrap in a plastic bag in exposure to indirect sunlight. Then remove the plastic bag and move the plant to brighter indirect sunlight when new growth comes that usually comes within a few weeks. Also, provide a high humid condition. It’s better to place them in your kitchen or bathroom where they will get enough moisture. العب واربح المال الحقيقي  

How do you root a curly lipstick plant?

To propagate the curly lipstick plant, dip the cut ends of the stem into a rooting hormone and plant it in normal potting soil and a moist medium.  Keep the pot in a warm area that should be away from direct sunlight, rather place it in bright indirect light and wait for the development of roots from stems. 

How do I get my lipstick plant to flower?

Well if your lipstick plant isn’t giving flowers, maybe it’s not getting sufficient light conditions or needs to be fertilized. It’s better to move the plant to bright light. You can use artificial light. If you haven’t fertilized your plant then it’s better to fertilize with a slow-release liquid fertilizer to encourage its growth. 

Is lipstick plant poisonous to humans?

Toxic plants are those which release some chemical substance that can cause a harmful reaction in the body. Lipstick plants aren’t toxic at all. Although they are not meant for human or animal consumption. Keep the plants away from your pets. It would be good if you place them at a height. 

Is Curly lipstick plant a succulent?

A succulent category is native to South Africa. You can compare it with the cactus category, they also don’t require water for many days. The spherical-shaped, drooping succulent plant propagates easily. Being a category of succulents, they need occasional watering usually one or two times a week. The growth of flowers is quick and beautiful. 

Do lipstick plants like to be misted?

Aeschynanthus radicans are the beautiful types of houseplants that will bloom red flowers and shiny leaves. Well, as they require high humid conditions it will be worth it to mist the leaves daily to keep them hydrated. Although, watering is not good regularly. 

What is bright indirect light?

Bright indirect light means a light that should not travel directly to leaves from the sun, it should bounce off something instead. Or you can say it is a bright shadow of sunlight. Thus, keep them where the sun rays are not coming directly. If you are not able to provide them indirect light, use an artificial light source which you can place indoors near to your houseplant. 

Is sun through a window indirect?

If the sunlight directly hits the plant through a south-facing window- this is said to be direct sunlight. But if the sunlight is bright and rays are not hitting the plant directly- this is said to be an indirect light. When the fall of light is soft.

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