Exercise On Periods Good or Bad

Periods are one of those annoying things women hate, but it’s a natural right. Exercising during periods becomes a big issue when they are painful and irritating. So exercise on periods good or bad, will it affect you badly? There might be a large number of women who feel this way. I will tell you everything about periods and exercise.

So, let’s talk about it in detail.

Effect Of Exercise On Periods

Exercise on periods has numerous health benefits and is a good habit to continue. The physical and mental benefits of exercise are not gonna stop if you are doing them during your periods. But a routine of exercise will help you throughout the period and can make them less painful and irritating as well. You may not complain of some usual side effects of periods.

Exercise may not be an exciting thing to do while you are on your period and need to sleep a little more. It is because the hormones estrogen and progesterone are at their lower levels and make you feel tired and less interested in daily routine work. However, it is also true that avoiding or skipping exercise won’t make you feel better during that phase. Instead doing something can give you an instant boost up.

Here Are 5 Benefits Of Doing Exercise On Periods

Lessens PMS symptoms:- the post-menstrual symptoms such as mood swings and fatigue lead to your whole menstrual phase that can be lessened by doing aerobic exercise.

Release good hormones:- exercise can make you feel good even when you are on periods. This is because physical activity will release and raise the amount of good hormones endorphins which can instantly elevate your mood. Furthermore, endorphins work as a natural painkiller and will combat your cramps gracefully.

Experience more strength:- a study shows that the first two weeks of your menstrual cycle may give you a good level of strength and energy during the minimum levels of female hormones.

Boost up your mood:- CEO of BIRTHFIT, Dr. Lindsey Mathews, and strength and conditioning coach said that doing exercise during your periods will boost up your mood and increase circulation. Exercise can also combat cramps, back pain, and periods associated with pain.

Good for painful periods:- painful periods like dysmenorrhea are very uncomfortable and require light exercise like walking. No matter your periods are painful, exercise is important.

Exercise For Period Pain

The initial days of your period are the most uncomfortable ones, and you bleed the most during these days. This is why you should go for a light exercise with gentle movements.

John Thoppil, an OB-GYN says, the best exercise is what you feel like doing. Menstruation is the period when you can lower your exercise intensity and make those days worthwhile.

Here are some light exercises which can be practiced during periods:-

Light cardio

light cardio

Keep the cardio or any other exercise at their lower intensities or cut off the amount you generally do. Instead, consider a light cardio exercise or light walking for a routine. There is research that your lungs work better during your menstrual cycle and by keeping this in mind you can train yourself for the end of your cycle. قمار

Low volume strength training activities

exercise on periods

A potential increase in strength happens during this time, a low volume strength training activities and power exercises should be practiced and also a good thing to do. Also, it’s a good time to do longer sessions involving strength work.


The few days leading up to your periods are a good time to get involved in some normal activities like yoga which can make your body relax and will potentially reduce symptoms like cramps, muscle fatigue, breast tenderness, and soreness.

exercise on periods

If you are not feeling any big discomfort during your periods, continue your regular workout. Be aware of the adjustments your body needs to make during this time. If you feel your body is not performing regularly, give yourself time and ease up the exercises.

Can Exercise Make Your Period Early?

Exercise doesn’t have any contribution to your periods at all. Periods depend on the ovarian rupture which occurs every month when it doesn’t get sperm for fertilization. Every woman has a storehouse of eggs that rupture every month. However, a loss of periods while engaged in a high level of exercises can be possible and there are several cases of that. One should not worry that doing exercise will make their periods come early.

Usually, early periods are more likely to come after the age of 35, when the number of eggs becomes limited and they rupture more frequently. Another reason for this may be a cyst in the ovaries or uterus that are responsible for early bleeding. Generally, the early periods are more regular and denote the initiation of menopause.

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If you’re a young girl and feel early periods such as within 15-10 days after the previous cycle then it may be normal and due to some hormonal imbalance. Overall this can’t be due to a normal exercise routine. It will be better to consult a gynecologist for more detailed information. لعبة بلاك جاك


Exercise on periods is good and won’t affect you until your exercise levels aren’t vigorous. A light schedule of exercise during your periods will not harm you anyway, in fact, help you to get rid of cramps and other discomforts. Moreover, doctors also suggest that exercise is a good habit while having periods and provides you more strength and energy throughout that phase.

Frequently Asked Questions:- 


Which exercise is best during periods?

Simple exercises like light cardio, yoga, and low volume strength training exercises are good to practice during periods. 

Can exercise make your period heavier?

No, exercise will not make your period heavier, and exercise on periods has benefits more than those who do not do exercise at all. Those women who do not exercise usually face more painful and heavier periods. 

Is it okay to have exercise while on period?

Yes, it’s ok to exercise while on period. Exercise will give you a boost up and more strength, as periods usually make you tired and leave you with no energy. Hence exercise is a good option during this time to stay active and positive. 

Which exercises to avoid during periods?

Although exercise is good to do on periods, doing more strenuous or prolonged exercise may cause you some issues. Also, the inversion type yoga should not be practiced during these times which pulls the head towards the uterus. 

What should we not do in periods?

Here are a few things which you should not do in periods:-

  • Giving yourself salt cravings
  • Taking a lot of caffeine
  • Wearing the same sanitary napkin all day long
  • Unprotected sex
  • Smoking
  • Waxing and shaving 
  • Staying without a pad

Can we lose weight during periods?

Hormonal fluctuations and water retention can be big things women experience during periods. Also, they experience changes in hunger and the amount of food they eat. Hence a sudden change in appetite throughout the menstrual cycle can be responsible for experiencing weight loss. 

Should I run on my period?

Yes, you should run on your periods if it includes in your routine, one should not skip a workout just for periods. Especially when periods are normal. Running releases good hormones called endorphins in your brain and instantly boosts your mood. Along with running, keep yourself well hydrated and stretch before running.

Why do I poop so much on my period?

Stimulation of smooth muscles in the uterus due to the release of certain chemicals helps in contract and shed the lining of the uterus every month. These chemicals are prostaglandins which when released in more amounts as needed, will enter your bloodstream and will produce a similar effect on other smooth muscles like your bowel muscles. طريقه لعب البوكر Eventually leading to poop you more. 

Why is my period blood black?

Black blood during periods is not a bad thing. The appearance of black blood indicates either the ending or start of the menstrual flow. The blood which takes a long time to come out of your uterus and has time to oxidize often comes in black after turning shades of brown and red. 

What should a girl do during periods?

Periods accompany pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen or lower back. Therefore a hot compression will relax you. Use a hot water bottle and apply compression on the area where the pain is inducing. If you are an exercise person, keep it up even during periods like yoga, walking, etc.

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