Football Injuries to The Head: All You Need to Know

When football is a game that is played worldwide, the danger of injuries to the head and shoulder becomes high for professional players. Some studies too revealed traumatic head and brain injuries to the player and brain disorders. Football injuries to the head can be the worst kind of injury ever happen to a player, as it may interfere with the normal functioning of the brain as well.

What Are The Common Injuries in Football?

Generally, a football match might give you knee, ankle, upper leg, shoulder, head, and brain injuries. Also, a chronic brain disorder known as trauamtic encephalopathy is found to be one of the worst injuries.

Football Injuries to The Head


Concussions are also called mild traumatic brain injury( MTBI). It happens due to the aggressive shaking of the head and the body or a blow to the head. Either with or without consciousness, concussions can occur causing short-term cognitive symptoms. Those symptoms include nausea & vomiting, headache, lack of coordination, confusion, ringing in the ears, fatigue, sleepiness, and dizziness.
A sudden collision might hit inside the skull, the greater the collision rate the higher will be the concussion. Moreover, the person can have another episode of concussions after the previous one. اربح مال من الانترنت And the second one is more likely to stay for a long time than the first one. The CDC says that having more than one concussion increases the chances of anxiety, depression, aggression, and personality changes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other brain disorders increases.


The diagnosis is based on the experiences and the symptoms of the individual. The imaging tests such as CT and MRI scans should not be done routinely, as they do not detect any changes in the brain. instead, a CT scan exposes the person to unnecessary radiations. These diagnostic tests are more useful for detecting the presence of structural defects. The changes or injuries that occurred from concussions are metabolic and microscopic and often shown up in neuroimaging.
Yet, due to these conditions, NFL has had changed the rules of football for the 2017-2018 season.


Concussion treatment isn’t that specific and requires plenty of rest. The symptoms of concussions can affect people in various ways like body imbalance, mood shifts, and vision issues. Although, the newer approaches to the treatment involve specific therapies to calm symptoms. Furthermore, a proper medical examination is done before continuing your regular sports activities.

CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy)

It is also a kind of brain disorder caused by frequent head injuries. Those changes in the brain are undetectable for months, years, and decades, and the condition gets worse over time. The symptoms include loss of memory, aggression, depression, and an impaired judgment. CTE is found in athletes who have had frequent head injuries. Most athletes with CTE have committed suicide or murder. CTE is found in boxers, football players, and hockey players.
Previously it was known as punch drunk syndrome and dementia pugilistica. But today these terms are not used for such conditions. There is still an ongoing debate over the commonality of CTE and the right procedure to diagnose it.
The cause of CTE is repeated concussions. Although, it is also true that not all athletes with mild to moderate head injuries or concussions will develop CTE. This is why the exact cause hasn’t been fully discovered yet.


The diagnosis is usually based on your experience, symptoms, and history of the head injury. Your physician might take your physical examination to judge your mental condition. Also, they may recommend you to visit an expert for memory assessment.
Moreover, researchers of Indiana university aim to ensure parents allow their children to football only after knowing all the necessary facts related to football.

Brain scans

The changes in the brain in CTE can’t be detected on the regular brain scans and maybe they are similar to some other conditions. CTE can only be confirmed when some person dies with the condition.
Researches say that the changes associated with CTE in the brain are different from those finds in Alzheimer’s disease. Though, both the conditions involved shrinking of the brain and the existence of neurofibrillary tangles containing a protein tau.
The most common tests for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders are MRI and CT scans.


The treatment of CTE is based on supportive treatment just like in many types of dementia. If you are diagnosed with such conditions, your specialist will help you and will draw up a long-term plan. The NHS dementia guide helps people to know about dementia to their families.
You can also get in touch with the national groups of Alzheimer’s or dementia for more detailed information and advice.
To prevent yourself from football injuries to the head, you need to be careful whether you wore protective equipment or not. No matter how good you are in your field when it comes to your safety care should be taken.
If you are a child, please practice under the supervision of a trained person. Parents also need to be careful about their children. Get medical support if something goes wrong with you.

Is Football Dangerous For Youth?

Football may be dangerous for youth. سباقات الخيل Every year the pediatrician treats more than 2,00,000 children of 5-18 years for head injuries due to sports activities like football. On average, 3 million youth play tackle football in the USA. The dangers of concussions and CTE in younger children are high. The risk of developing head injuries becomes high every year of playing football. These results came out after the researches of deceased players of the national football league. The risk of chronic traumatic encephalopathy increased from 87-91% over time in the players of NFL.


Football injuries to the head are one of the football bad injuries. Most of the professional players may get such injuries. The common head injuries are concussions and CTE. many of the former players of the national football league were diagnosed with the condition and have died due to this. Youngsters are also on the list of getting such harsh injuries and many have acquired too. This is why NFL has changed the rules of football for the 2017-18 session. العب واربح المال الحقيقي

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