How to Breathe Properly: Complete Guide to How to breathe 


Breathing is the basic thing of our existence, as we are alive because every second we are breathing. But have you ever thought that how to breathe properly or correctly? Well, if so then you need to read this article. But wait, do you know what actually happens when we breathe?

When you inhale air and take in your diaphragm contracts and moves downwards increasing the space in the chest cavity. Your lungs expand into it, also the muscles between your rib cages also enlarge the chest cavity.  The muscles help in pulling the rib cage both upward and outward when we inhale. 

The question is why is there so much need for breathing properly? Well, because breathing is important for numerous functions going inside the body without our recognition. 

Why Is There A Need For Proper Breathing?

When we breathe, our body consumes a certain amount of oxygen from the environment. Every part of our body requires oxygen to run properly. From cognition to digestion, it helps in respiration, thus, helps in the breaking down of carbohydrates into glucose, providing us energy. Breathing not only provides us energy but helps in getting mental clarity and calming the stress. Thus, helps in overcoming stress and depression. That is why we are advised for meditation, so we can improve our breath and will get a calm mind. 

Hence we know that how essential is proper breathing to us so far. Here, we will discuss all the points that should be taken into care. 

What happens when we are unable to breathe properly?

This condition is called shortness of breath when you are unable to breathe properly and feel restless. The condition can occur due to underlying stress or anxiety you are facing, consequently, you may acquire some panic attacks. And the condition is recognized as dyspnea. In this condition, your lungs get difficult to take to get full air. 

How To Breathe Properly?

Breathing should be firm, without strain, and should feel easy and calming. 

Here I share with you some breathing techniques, to improve your daily routine of breathing. 

Improve your posture 

Good posture is compulsory while breathing. A rounded shoulder or forward head makes it difficult to fully expand the diaphragm, by tightening your chest. Hence results in shallow breathing. Keep your spine straight and shoulder-free. Feel the air into your body and enjoy it. 

You should follow the diaphragmatic breathing practice. In which you should relax your shoulders and sit or lie down. Place one hand on your belly and another hand on your chest. Inhale thoroughly with your nose and feel the air move into your abdomen and release out of your stomach. 

Stretch it out 

Sometimes some pain or discomfort in the shoulders or back can cause some difficulties in breathing. Hence, try to practice certain strain-relieving exercises to get rid of that stiffness. 

By doing some resistance exercises you will get flexibility and resistance to improve your posture. In the outcome, your rib cage will move in all directions while breathing. Either you can go for a massage to get rid of the tightness of muscles. An active routine like running, swimming is also a good idea. These exercises will keep your body flexible and stretchable. 

Adapt good lifestyle 

Our health reflects what we eat, What we think, And what we do. Hence, in other words, your lifestyle says it all about the causes of your problems. To overcome these problems it’s better to adopt a healthy lifestyle which includes good quality food, exercise, and good sleep. Avoid bad habits such as smoking and eating junk foods in excess.  

Consume only nutrients rich food such as vegetables and fruits.

Are you thinking about the link between good breath and lifestyle? Well, the good intake will complete the deficiency of nutrients and helps in the secretion of more good hormones. Hence, by adopting a good lifestyle you will overcome possible health issues. 

Improve your sleeping positions 


How to breathe properly while sleeping?

Sleeping habits may affect breathing and can make you snore. So, when you go to bed, lie down with your side, with your head elevated by pillows and a pillow between your knees bent. This position will keep your spine aligned and make your airways open and will prevent snoring. Or either sleep on your back with knees bent. Place a pillow under your head and knees. Don’t practice if you have sleep apnea, as it may block the breathing tube and cause you to snore. 


Practice singing 

It is an amazing breathing technique for better breathing. Singing has been shown that the person with obstructive coronary pulmonary disease, who practices singing regularly experienced better results and overcame their short breathiness problem. It helps in teaching the lungs how to breathe with slow, deep, and strengthening of the breathing muscles. 

It improves your ability to breathe and improves the tone of your voice. 

This may sound weird, but yes it has two benefits, one is improving your breath and the second one is, it will distract your mind and will make you happy. And you will surely enjoy this method. 


Breathing is an essential part of our lives. It provides proper oxygen to our body and helps in certain processes such as digestion and respiration. Learn to breathe properly, as it is not only important for your physical body, but for your mind too. You may notice that when you are stressed or anxious you breathe shortly. Your diaphragm needs to fully expand inwards as well as outwards to completely breathe. Keep your posture straight and relaxed. Make some small lifestyle changes such as eating healthy, practicing some stretching exercises to make the body flexible and resistant to stiffness and tightness. Practice singing, as it will teach your lungs to breathe slowly, deeply, or strongly by strengthening your breathing muscles.  

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