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Have you ever felt a non-stop headache and an unpleasant feeling? Well, everybody feels sometimes the same, but the question arises if you feel this constantly for many days. Yes, you guessed it right, it happens when someone is stressed. And no doubt everybody sometimes feels like how to get rid of stress? 

Stress is something that nobody can escape from. whether someone is a businessman or a student or a housewife, it occupies everyone. But do you know what exactly stress means?

What Is Mental Stress?

Stress is your reaction towards a demand or any challenging situation when you have to push your limits. It affects you mentally, emotionally as well as physically. 

Well, stress is not a negative term, though it has benefits too. How you take the stress matters everything. 

You might have seen the reactions of different people in similar situations. Some of them lose patience while some tackle the situation smartly. so, why it happens?

 Every person has different mental tolerance to stress. It is not necessary that the healthy person or who appears healthy will handle the stress more easily. Being physically healthy is not related to tolerance to stress anyways.  Psychological and mental stability says it is all about if a person is able to tackle rough times.

What Is Stress Psychology?

Stress is psychological pain when you feel deprived of energy and pleasure in things. Whenever we feel stress our adrenal gland produces a hormone called “cortisol” which is called stress hormone usually released when there is a condition of “fight or flight” into our bloodstream. And also it produces an increased heart rate and also increases oxygen intake, which eventually helps in the breakdown of glucose more vigorously. Although cortisol is an essential hormone to provide you the necessary conditions to handle the situations,

Contrarily, when this level becomes high it can actually cause you unwanted results such as high blood pressure, high sugar levels, or weight gain. Mostly in females, it shows abnormal weight gain.

How Would I Know If I’m Stressed?

Sometimes, we don’t feel but we are stressed out. People around us may tell us that you are looking sad or stressed.

how to know if you are in stress

We may feel that we are normal, but there are some symptoms that you cannot ignore.

Here are some signs of stress:-

  • Eye pain or headache.
  • Gastrointestinal issues.
  • Exhaustion or fatigue.
  • Sleeping disorders or insomnia.
  • Hard to concentrate.
  • The constant worry of something.
  • Lack of patience.
  • Sometimes low self-esteem.
  • Sexual problems.
  • Body aches like chest pain or back pain.
  • Unpleasantness.
  • Hypertension(high blood pressure).
  • Changes in appetite. 

If you have some of the symptoms, take some action soon. These symptoms may cause you some diseases which can be fatal for you in the long term such as heart disease. لعبة بلاك جاك مجانية  

Causes Of Stress?

Numerous causes are there to stress. As our regular lives are so occupied with work pressure and competition, to prove ourselves and to get promotions or make more money. Not only work or studies but also not able to lift the relationships well. Some toxic relations or people can be a big reason for high stress.

Or else some previous memory of any hardship or any misfortune may make you feel guilty or unworthy. مراهنات سباق الخيل  

Here are some of the possible causes:-

  • Conflicts in work life.
  • Repetitive failures.
  • Personal life issues such as divorce or separation.
  • The regret of something.
  • Loss in business.
  • Recall any previous trauma.
  • Increase in family responsibilities.
  • Death of any loved one.
  • Some severe health conditions.
  • Violent environment.

These are some common reasons for stress and when things go out of control and stay for a long time, then it can result in depression.

Not all stress may result in depression, as stress has different types that range from acute to chronic. Do you know what kind of stress you face every day or why there are always differences in the behavior of persons during stress? And how to get rid of stress? 

How To Get Rid Of Stress| Types Of Stress 


Acute stress

As the name suggests that this type is short-term stress, that you feel in your normal routines very commonly, for instance, your exams are approaching and you haven’t prepared, or you have to prepare a presentation and you are quite nervous about it. 

This type of stress doesn’t stay for too long as soon you complete your tasks, you will feel relaxed and out of burden, though it may throw you off temporarily, soon get out of your head.

What can you do to get rid of this short stress?

Breathing techniques:- breathing is something that runs us properly, so try some breathing exercise in the early morning before going to work or during a break at work. it will teach you how to breathe properly.

Muscle relaxations:- muscle relaxation gives you relief and a calming sensation.

Change your vision:as soon you accept the challenge and focus on solving not on the problem, you will defeat the stress. Hence, just change your thoughts about stress.

Chronic stress 

This is something that triggers you often while there is any big challenge you have to overcome or maybe going through any kind of loss in business or dealing with extremities or either may be getting continuous failures. This stress however may take time to leave your head. The duration of this stress may last for a long time until you do not recover your losses.

What should you do to get rid of chronic stress? تعليم البوكر

Do workout:this is an evergreen therapy to reduce stress. Workouts or exercises help in releasing good hormones like dopamine and serotonin through our brains which make us feel good and in the reduction of excessive stress. Make a routine of doing exercise at least 30 minutes a day.


Listen to music:- music is an easy and efficient therapy to forget the stress, by relaxing your muscles and quieting your mind. Researches also have revealed that music is an effective way to stay out of stress and negative thoughts.

listen music

Talk to someone you love:- it’s a psychological fact that when you talk to any person you love, you feel good and supported, which eventually helps in coping up with the stress. It gives you fuel to deal with.

talk to somone

Emotional stress

We know that our relationships influence or affect us in all aspects of life. Thereupon, it has major control over our mental and emotional health. When we are happy with our relations, whatever the situation at work or college, we neutralize them by coming home or sharing things with our close ones. But when the relationship starts to drain us out, then it becomes difficult to be at ease and at peace.

Emotional stress also differs from person to person. Some move on easily or some takes a long time to get out of the hardships.

This stress is counted in psychological stress when the problem isn’t about any accomplishment or any deal but rather dealing with our own feelings and emotions, and somehow we battle with ourselves while dealing with any emotional breakdown.

What should you do to get rid of emotional stress?

Make yourself a priority:- when dealing with any emotional distress you need to give yourself time. Don’t judge yourself or blame yourself, give some space and time instead, to analyze the things, how can you sort them out.

Talk to your close friend:- talk to any close friend, whom you think it will be good to share your conflicts. Do talk only with that person who you think is qualified enough to give you the appropriate solutions or hints to overcome the situations.

Try meditation:- quiet your mind and restart yourself, to add more comfort and pleasure you can spray some aromas to your room and feel the silence and intense fragrance, it will relax your mind and improve your concentration.



How to get rid of stress is the commonest concern of everybody’s life. There are different stages and solutions for different types of stress. Stress is not necessarily a negative term, though it has some benefits too. It can accelerate you while dealing with any load like exams or office work, it increases your efficiency at work. Apart from it, stress can be fatal too if that stays for too long. Stress affects everybody in different ways. For some, it is a challenge and for some, it is a problem. Stress has major 3 types: acute, chronic, and emotional. Emotional stress is also psychological stress. By talking to some close ones, we can get rid of the constant worry. Exercise on the other hand is a wonderful way to calm your mind and overcome stress, anxiety, or depression. If stress continues for a long time it can result in depression. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you relieve stress quickly?

For a quick relief you can try the following things:-

  • Take a shower 
  • Breathe deeply, it will calm your blood pressure
  • Take a solo walk
  • Listen to pop music
  • Take a massage or spa
  • Watch the latest comedy video
  • Eat something you love
  • Talk to someone close

What are 5 ways to reduce stress?

Exercise:- Regular exercise for at least half an hour, will boost your mood and will release good hormones. 

Breathe:- Whenever we are stressed, our breathing pattern changes and becomes short. Hence deep breathing will relax your mind. 

Take time for yourself:- when something kicks your mind more than often, leave it for some time and go out in the fresh air and come back to your work with a positive mind.

Meditate:- well, meditation is the best way to know yourself in the best way. Take 15 minutes to analyze the situations and emotions you are going through. 

Organize things:- don’t mess up the things, it will only puzzle your mind and leave you unproductive. Rather organize your environment and work. 

What are 5 warning signs of stress?

Here are some warning signs of stress you should not ignore:-

  • Headaches
  • Racing heart 
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Sad and depressed mood all-day
  • Body aches, like shoulder and back pain
  • Dizziness
  • Heaviness in chest 

What foods reduce stress?

Yes, food also has some power to relieve your stress by activating good hormones in your body. Those foods are:-

  • Dark chocolates
  • Yogurt
  • Chamomile tea
  • Eggs
  • Brazil nuts
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Fatty fish

Which fruit relieves stress?

Some citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit are proven to relieve stress. They contain vitamin c, which is an excellent immunity booster and will quickly boost your mind. Take orange along with your lunch and have a refreshing day. 

Are bananas good for stress?

Yes, bananas are a quick stress reliever being rich in vitamins B, like folate produces a good amount of serotonin that helps in improving mood and overcome anxiety. For an extra effect, you can add almonds, cashew butter, and peanuts to the banana. 

Does drinking water calm you down?

Yes, drinking water has natural calming properties and works always in a good way whether you are stressed or not. Drinking an adequate amount of water daily prevents dehydration and nourishes your cells encouraging them to work more efficiently. It also manages good sleep and stomach-related issues. 

What happens to a person’s body during times of stress?

Whenever we feel threatened, our body releases a response known as a fight or flight response, leading to a flow of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Which then causes a racing heart, sweating, quick breaths, muscle stiffness, and racing thoughts about any situation. Anxiety also coexists in people with stress and can affect sleep and normal functions. 

Stress for the long term can cause chronic body issues like heart diseases and mental health issues. Early management would be good to prevent such heavy body loss. 

How do I know if Im stress?

There are two types of symptoms to understand if you are stressed, one is physical, and the second is emotional. In the physical symptoms, you will feel difficulty in sleeping, headache, pain in some parts of the body like chest, back and feel exhausted. 

In the emotional symptoms, you may feel agitated, frustrated, not able to do the daily tasks effectively and feeling depressed most of the time. Also, racing thoughts may kick you even if you don’t want to think that. Relaxing your mind becomes a big job during stress. 

What organs are affected by stress?

Our body can handle a short level of stress which affects us in our daily lives, but when it goes to a chronic level the body is no longer able to handle it and may affect our body systems like the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, and reproductive system. However, the cardiovascular system is more likely to be affected than others. 

What are the 3 levels of stress?

Stress can be neutralized in the early stage or can go up to an extreme level. As there are three levels of stress:- 

Alarm:- this is the first exposure to stress when we perceive something as stressful and the body considers the stressor and releases a fight or flight response. 

Resistance:- When the stress continues, the body plays its role in providing a higher metabolic activity to combat the stress. And this ability of the body helps us deal with stress for some time, or else it can deplete the body system such as the immune system. 

Exhaustion:- This is the large stage of stress response to the body. At this stage, the body cannot handle the prolonged stress and deteriorate the normal body functions including immune response, blood pressure leading to some chronic health conditions such as heart diseases, digestive problems, diabetes, and depression.

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