A complete guide to lipstick plant care


Well, it’s great you have a lipstick plant in your home, or if you are thinking to buy one. Here you’ll find all the necessary points step by step for lipstick plant care. Although I haven’t seen lipstick plants very often in someone’s home. But you know that’s the uniqueness if you have something that is not common everywhere. Lipstick plant is an adorable flowering plant, worth increasing the grace of your home.

The scientific name of the lipstick plant is “Aeschynanthus Pulcher”, and the common name is either Lipstick plant or Lipstick vine.

Why is it named lipstick plant? As its flowers peer out of a dark-colored tube, hence it looks like a tiny tube of lipstick. Being a native plant of tropical rainforests, it needs high humidity and adequate light conditions. You need to replicate the conditions for their growth and health. Don’t keep them in direct sunlight as their foliage can burn.

You will meet numerous varieties of lipstick plant such as:-

These plants need proper favorable conditions to bloom and you can provide them with some useful tips. I hope these brief lipstick plant care instructions will help you out in getting to know all you are looking for.

 Lipstick Plant Care Instructions

1. Watering

lipstick plants prefer dry soil, not completely dry or overwatered. Check the topsoil before watering your plant. It is quite tolerant of little dryness, but it’s not tolerant of overwatering.


If you water it once the topsoil dries up to at least 25%, you allow the flowers to grow frequently and abundantly. By summing up, you can say the soil needs to be lightly moist but not completely dry or wet. If you left it dried then, the leaves will turn brown and fall off.

2.  Light requirements

As we have discussed already that it needs bright light and high humidity conditions. With plenty of light and moisture, flowers will bloom more frequently.

 Do not take lipstick plants outdoors in summers as direct sunlight is not good for their foliages, use an indirect light source instead.

Better to take it in your kitchen your bathroom when it can get good and sufficient light. If there are any issues in providing the desirable conditions for you, then you may also use an artificial light supplement. لعب قمار اون لاين

3. Soil


lipstick plants do not require any special kind of soil, as you can use normal potting soil in it. But you need to pay attention to the drainage system of soil. Be aware that your plant pot should have drainage holes to prevent overwatering.

Or either you can use fast drainage potting soil like succulent potting soil.

4.  Fertilizers

Fertilizers are important for the fertility and nourishment of the soil. It adds additional nutrients to the soil. A 3:2:1 ratio of fertilizer will be good. This ratio refers to 3 times as much as phosphorus, and 2 times much as potassium as phosphorus.

Use organic liquid fertilizer rather than chemical ones, as they will be safe, will work better and there will be fewer chances of the burning of the plant.

Don’t forget to add some vitamins for better results.

5.  Pest control

what would you do if you find a bug on your plant? For that problem, you need to use an organic pesticide to get rid of any houseplant pests.

Use a natural pesticide such as neem oil, it is a safe and great ingredient to get rid of plants. Either you can use organic insecticidal soaps.

6.  Temperature

lipstick plants are tropical species, hence, a warm environment is good for their growth. Keep the temperature of air and soil between 21-27 degrees.

lipstick plants are not tolerant of winters or low temperatures. During winters the plant tissues are prone to damage and leaves may fall.


Lipstick plant is one of the adorable houseplants available. It is native species of tropical rainforest. It is also called a Lipstick vine. A high humid environment, bright light, high temperature favor its growth. There are several varieties of lipstick plants. Thus, lipstick plant care is very important to keep your home blossom with its flowers.  You can keep the lipstick plant pot either in your bathroom or kitchen area to protect it from direct light which can be dangerous for its sensitive foliages. Plants are also

living things, thus, it is very important to give them proper nutrition through fertilizers and by adding a sufficient amount of vitamins to them. Make sure to use a pot with pores for drainage of water as overwatering is not good for it. A little moisture is sufficient and doesn’t let it too dry or too wet. To protect from pests use some organic products instead of chemicals. it will take efforts in moderation for lipstick plant care, as too much care is also not good, let them grow on their own.  provide essential conditions and let it blossom.

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