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Mona Lisa Lipstick Plant: Highly Admiring Type of House plants 

mona lisa lipstick plant


Lipstick plants are known for their adorable appearance and long vines that just moonlight your home. Mona Lisa lipstick plant is a type of plant with brightening red flowers which resemble the tube of lipstick. That’s how it was named so. These plants do well in hangable containers and baskets where their vine can hang freely and fruitfully. 

The scientific name of the Mona Lisa lipstick plant is “Aeschynanthus radicans”.

Obviously, the keeper will have some questions related to its care and maintenance. But, let me tell you the amazing benefits of keeping in your home. 

These plants require comparatively low maintenance as they require occasional watering and bright indirect light. The Mona lipstick plant has glossy dark green leaves and red-orange shades of flowers. لعبة الدمبلة Mona Lisa lipstick plants are sometimes called twisted lipstick plants. The dark red or maroon flowers appear at the end of the branches. As the final flower starts to emerge, they look like lipstick tubes. These plants are easy to propagate and highly admiring while placed in balconies or bathrooms where they will get direct bright light. 

The flowers need minimal conditions to be healthy and growing. And it will make its keeper happy with its blossoms every time. 

The frequent questions might trigger you if you are keeping it the first time in your home. After all, caring for a plant is not less than caring for a child, agree. The same it will take for a lipstick plant care routine. 

How To Water A Mona Lisa Lipstick Plant?

As it is a succulent category of plant, thus needs occasional watering. Let the soil dry about 50% before watering the plant. The leaves are capable of storing water, hence, always check the soil if it’s dry or not. 

Which Light Is Good For A Mona Lisa Lipstick Plant?

It needs bright indirect sunlight. Hence, try to keep it away from the direct sunlight as it may cause the burning of leaves. The high humid places like the kitchen and bathroom will be suitable for the plant. العب واربح فلوس

How To Fertilize The Mona Lisa Lipstick Plant?

All types of fertilizer will work for this plant. The fertilizers for indoor plants include quick liquid release, water-soluble and slow-release fertilizer, granular. The best fertilizer for a mona Lisa lipstick plant is jack’s classic blossom booster, which is a quick-release fertilizer. قمار الخيل By mixing the quick-release fertilizer with water, it provides the essential nutrients to the plant in the basket for a long time. 


Mona Lisa lipstick plant is highly admirable no doubt. The maroon shade flowers will steal your heart with their beautiful blossoms. These are hangable plants and increase the grace of your balcony. However, it needs bright indirect light, otherwise, it may damage the leaves. But overall, it is a low-maintenance plant, which needs occasional watering. Being a succulent category, the leaves have the capacity to hold the water. On the bright side, it is non-poisonous, thus, home-friendly. Use a quick-release fertilizer while feeding it with nutrients.  

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