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Nano Needling: Is It Safe to Use Nano Needling



Nano needling is an advanced pain-free and innovative transdermal serum delivery to rejuvenating skin and to get rid of certain common problems of the skin like uneven texture, tone, excessive pigmentation, and loss of elasticity. 

It includes the safe and painless way of infusion of active ingredients via thousands of microscopic channels. Nano needling tips are designed to have microscopic pyramid-like tips and are thinner than human hair. قمار على النت This design is their way to make the body repair itself and allowing 97% absorption of the product. This treatment battles with blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines, pigmentation, stretch marks, and so on by activating the body’s own repairing process. Treatment does not require numbing cream, as it will smooth the skin and leave it glowing. 

Is It Safe To Use?

Nano needling is applicable for all skin types and can be performed safely. This treatment is highly effective to remove the fine lines, especially around the lips and eyes. The risk of post-inflammatory risk is also not here, as the melanocytes stay unscathed if the post-care instructions are followed. It will improve your skin texture, tone, and reduce the appearance of pores size. Conclusively, you will be getting firm and flawless skin. 

Nano Needling Or Micro-needling? What Is Better 

Although, both the techniques include similar machines, areas of treatment, and results nano needling affects only the upper .25 mm of the epidermis, while micro-needling penetrates more. This serum infusion will reduce the pigmentation, even tone, and a quick glow. But micro-needling often causes redness in the affected area hours, which resembles a sunburn, and soon fades out within 24 hours. Micro-needling takes almost 3 days of healing. In that period, one should avoid sweat-causing activities like heavy exercises and go out in the sun. And, avoid wearing make-up for the 2-3 days of the healing. On the other hand, you can immediately start your normal routine without any specific period. But yes, don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Hence, nano-needling aftercare is nothing, just only good sunscreen. 

The technique is also a bit different. When the technique in nano- needling requires no numbing cream, micro-needling does. Hence, this makes nano-needling a brilliant alternative, for those who are allergic to lidocaine or don’t like needles. 

However, because of the risk of hyperpigmentation, micro-needling is not suggested for those who have deep skin tones. While nano-needling is suitable for all skin types. Also, not involve the healing process. طريقة الربح في الروليت You will get a radiant glow from the rejuvenated skin. 

Furthermore, the microscopic pyramid topped filament, which is used in nano-needling separates the epidermis cells, to introduce the active ingredient into the skin without piercing the skin. Hence, it’s a complete needleless procedure. Its suitability for all skin types makes it more demandable. 

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How Does It Feel In Nano-needling?

The sensations are like licking by a cat, but bearable and painless. It’s a gentle and safe procedure, all you will get is fresh rejuvenated skin. 

So, let study the amazon benefits of nano-needling in short:-


Contradictions are important to note, to not harm yourself or someone else. And to provide a safer treatment instead. 

Pre Care Day Of Nano-needling 

After Nano-needling Care

 Side Effects 

Though, side effects are rare in this type of treatment. Especially when it is performed by a certified professional. But, your skin may become quite vulnerable to damage after undergoing BB glow nano-needling.

The possible side effects include:-


Nano-needling is a safe transdermal infusion that includes the introduction of skin rejuvenating ingredients into the skin through microchannels. This can be a good option for you if you want to get a firm texture, and even tone, get rid of hyperpigmentation of acne, or reducing wrinkles and blemishes. It is an excellent procedure for reducing fine lines, especially from the eyes and lips. However, It is slightly different from the micro-needling technique. Although the technique is the same in both. But, when micro-needling requires the deep penetration of the skin, nano-needling takes only 0.25 part of the dermis. Hence, it is the safest option for those who dislike needles. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Nano needling?

It is an advanced invasive, transdermal method of serum delivery system for skin rejuvenation and minimizes common skin issues like uneven tone, fine lines, wrinkles, lack of tone, skin pigmentation, and loss of elasticity, and acne scarring. It offers a safe, painless, and modern method of skincare. The best part is it’s suitable for all skin types and the person can continue daily routine from the very next day.

Does Nano needling really work?

Nano needling infusion allows the necessary ingredients to absorb within the skin to stimulate the natural body function to produce collagen and elastin. Some skin products are infused in the skin via nanochannels which are then absorbed by the skin giving it a flawless and rejuvenating effect. Although, it is not for those who have serious skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea. Hence, one should go through all the contradictions before opting for the procedure. Besides everything, it would be a good method to get rid of premature skin aging and imperfections, and also for aged skin to look younger and less damaged.

Does Nano needling hurt?

However, it won’t hurt you too much, a normal pain similar to or more than brows wax can be expected. Nano-needling provides you a bearable treatment. Well, one should understand the art of skincare like nano-needling and micro-needling. If you like tattoos, then congrats nano-needling is less painful than that. So, if you are expecting desirable results from the procedure, you have to be comfortable and cooperative with the guidelines before nano-needling.

Which is better MicroNeedling or nano needling?

The methods of both treatments are however the same, differ in the penetration of the skin. When nano-needling affects only the 0.25mm of skin layer, micro-needling penetrates more. Both procedures help minimize skin issues like skin pigmentation, uneven tone, and fine lines or wrinkles. Micro-needling often leaves skin red which then fades out within 24 hours, and takes 2-3 days for healing. While on the other hand, nano-needling doesn’t require any after-cure. Sunscreen is often recommended after nano-needling.

Moreover, the one drawback of micro-needling is that it is not suitable for those who have deep skin tone. Hence, comparatively, nano-needling is a more effective and safe method than micro-needling. Thus, you can choose it according to your skin needs.

Can Microneedling ruin your skin?

There is no doubt over the results of micro-needling if performed the right way and by an authorized skin professional. It will leave your skin smoother and glowing after the procedure, which will last forever. In case of not doing the treatment correctly, may ruin your skin, which will look damaged and may last forever. Beware of the right skin professional and go through the history of other micro-needling treatments by a particular professional. Take advice from someone who has had this treatment recently. Thus, a planned treatment won’t make you regret it later.

Who can perform nano needling?

It is performed by dermatologists and estheticians which uses micro-crystalline silicone cartridges to enhance transdermal activity and potency of skin products. The practice requires a board-certified dermatologist or physician, cosmetic surgeon, or plastic surgeon. However, estheticians perform nano-needling under the supervision of certified dermatologists or surgeons.

How long does Nano infusion last?

Well, one session of nano infusion won’t show the best results, and at least 3-6 treatments at an interval of 4 weeks are recommended for a constant result. The noticeable signs will appear after 3-4 weeks and stay up to 5-6 months. If you are planning for so, get complete sessions of the treatment and you will get results that will last forever.

Is Nano needling good for acne scars?

As we know skin infusions such as nano-needling are beneficial for skin rejuvenation and masking the fine lines, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, cystic acne scars, and uneven texture of the skin. Therefore, acne scars are not a barrier in the procedure. Although, if someone has deep acne scarring, nano-needling would not be a good option, micro-needling will. Due to the medical uses of micro-needling, it treats skin issues more deeply than nano-needling. While nano-needling is more cosmetic and treats skin aging and elasticity.

How much does Nano needling cost?

The procedure will require 3-6 treatments with space of 2-6 weeks, and the cost will be approximately between $4,200- $600. On average nano-needling may cost you $200-$700 per session depending on the area of treatment and the type of serum that is being used throughout the procedure.

Can MicroNeedling plump your lips?

No, micro-needling won’t plump your lips. One of New York’s dermatologists confirmed how it works, and said no on being asked for plumping of lips. Micro-needling deals with your skin imperfections and has medical purposes more than cosmetic. It will repair your skin giving it a younger and flawless look. It copes up with all the skin issues including fine lines, acne scarring, pigmentation and so many. ربح الاموال There are some contradictions too for micro-needling and one should go through those.

Can Microneedling help sagging skin?

Yes, micro-needling not only offers rejuvenating skin but also tightens your loose skin. It has additional benefits apart from diminishing wrinkles, fine lines, and damaged skin. This additional facility makes this procedure popular among both men and women. Eventually, you will get healthier, smoother, and younger skin that will last forever. Thus sagging can be manageable with the recommended sessions.

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