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What Are Sleep Disorders: Symptoms, Treatment, And Diagnosis

sleep disorders


Do you feel tired throughout the day? Or do you feel like you always need a nap between? Well, there is a chance you are dealing with sleep disorders even without knowing it.

Don’t worry a lot of people feels the same. There is a rhythm of our body that keeps us going every time. A lot of factors affect our sleep routine like any stress or mental chaos, any severe injury or trauma, some shift-related issues, work pressure. This is the basic sleep disorder psychology.

Sleep disorders not only reduce our duration of sleep but also affects our mood, mental health, and concentration power which eventually affects memory.  Sleep disorders are common as we all feel sleeping problems whenever we had a tough day, or we have to give a presentation the next morning or to give an exam.

When going through a condition like sleep disorder you might gain weight or acquired some restlessness.

How would you know if you have a sleep disorder? By knowing some symptoms it will become easy for you to categorize yourself in this.


As I said earlier that it is normal sometimes when we have loads of work or studies and dealing with any relationship problems.

But you need to understand that if it is occurring occasionally or mostly throughout the day. When it becomes annoying and disturbs your mental piece it is time to move.

Here are some common symptoms you can relate with if you have any of them:-

If you have a maximum of the symptoms then my friend it is time to have some guidance and treatment.

Sleep disorders are of two types one is short-term and the second one is long-term.

Short-term sleep disorders

This disorder can occur after any tragedy or an unforgettable life event. When you had trouble controlling your emotions and resulted in sleep issues. Some of the short-term problems can occur due to heartbreak, death of any loved one, severe pain in any part of the body.

Long-term sleep disorders

when the short-term disorders do not overcome with time and the patient falls into any severe condition then it becomes a long-term problem.

But thankfully there are treatments available for all types of sleep disorders.

 Sleep disorders list:-  

 1. Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which the person has trouble falling or staying awake.  The reason for insomnia can be bad sleep habits, anxiety or depression, neurological issues, and mental illness.

An insomniac person cannot take sleep 8 hours a day like a normal person. And the problem results in low performance at work or school.

Some potent medication history can also cause insomnia. Insomnia can be treated by some natural lifestyle methods but including any other illness can only be treated by some medical practitioner.

We know about the causes of symptoms of insomnia but its’s proper diagnosis should be done to treat it well.


Blood test:- In this test doctor checks your thyroid and any other problem because of which you have insomnia. They take some signs of any medical conditions you are going through.

Sleep- diary:- In this test, you have to maintain a sleep pattern diary to note your sleeping habits. Also, the doctor will ask you some questions to check your consciousness and your sleep-wake pattern.

Sleep-study:-if the above test will not be able to give you the problem conclusion, then your sleep will be studied in the sleep center for one night. And during this time they will check your heart-beat and body and eye movements, brain waves, etc. maybe the aftermath will result in any other medical condition different from insomnia.

After the proper investigation if this results in any insomniac symptoms then an immediate action and treatment will be followed such as:-


Sleep medications:- There are some safe sleeping pills for long-term use as doctors don’t rely on using sleeping pills for more than one or two weeks. And these prescribed pills don’t cause any side effects if are taking as per patient requirement and prescription.

Some examples of sleeping drugs include

Alternate medication:- this medication includes melatonin. It is the over supplement used to regulate our schedule rhythm. Generally, people going abroad consume melatonin as it will make them adaptable to the environment of other countries. It relieves insomnia up to an extent but there is no medical proof till now that if it will be safe for a long period. سباق احصنة

Meditation:Meditation is something that provides you an ancient conventional method for the treatment of various irregularities in the body.

Say no to caffeine and nicotine:-As you know that any caffeinated beverages and nicotine make it harder to sleep and people used to consume it when they have to stay up for late nights. So by saying no to any alcoholic, caffeinated and nicotinic products you will be safe.

Exercise well:-do exercise and stay active throughout the day. Exercise makes your body release some good hormones, endorphins which will boost your mood and tire your body which eventually helps you out with insomnia.

 2. Restless leg syndrome

In this syndrome, the patient feels some irritable urges to move their legs during sleeping. It can cause some genetic variants and family history.

This is the most common sleep disorder in children.

Another cause of restless leg syndrome can be iron deficiency, diabetes, or Parkinson’s disease.


Diagnosis of restless leg syndrome is quite similar to insomnia in which doctors check your sleeping pattern and you have to stay for a night in the sleep center.

Apart from this, to check any other medical condition there are a few tests such as follows:-

A blood test:-Doctor will check your blood count if you have any anemic condition.

Discomfort:-you will feel uncomfortable urges to move your legs mostly during the night or while sitting or lying.

Unable to explain:- you are unable to explain by it solely.


Dopaminergic drugs:Dopamine is a brain chemical that helps in the body’s normal movements.

As dopamine is associated with our RLS system, long-term usage can worsen the condition.

So to delay this condition doctors will give you medications in a combination of dopamine with other effective medication, which is approved by the FDA(Food and drug administration).

Massage:- It is the home remedy to get rid of sleep disorders and it proved the results within 3 weeks. Massage is associated with the natural release of dopamine.

Benzodiazepines:- These are generally used to treat anxiety and stress relief. These are not associated with the exact treatment of RLS but they can benefit from a night of good sleep.

 3. Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a severe sleep disorder in which the patient repetitively breathes and stops.

The reason might be obesity and it occurs more in men.


Snoring:- Loud snoring and feeling tired even after sleeping.

Nocturnal polysomnography:- in this test all your functions heart, lungs, and breathing will be detected by a piece of equipment while you sleep.


Lifestyle changes:- By adapting to a healthy weight and healthy body you can get out of sleep apnea.

CPAP machine:- It is the breathing assistance device that is used at night and is a self-care treatment machine referred to as a continuous positive airway pressure machine.

Yoga:- Yoga helps you strengthen your airflow, energy level, and heart.

Sleep apnea is associated with a low level of oxygen in the blood. So by adapting to regular simple yoga adequacy can be gained.

4. Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a severe sleep disorder characterized by overwhelming drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleep. Loss of muscle tone and in chronic stages hallucinations might occur.


Diagnosis is similar to previous disorders. Polysomnography, in which the functions will be recorded by a machine.

And few other tests will be performed to know the condition:-

Sleep records:-your sleeping patterns will be detected and you will be asked to maintain a sleep diary for it.

History of sleep:- you have to provide your complete history of sleep and then the doctor will give you some questions to answer regarding your urges while sleep and how relaxing you feel while sleep.


Intake of vitamin D:- It will be a great element in treating illnesses like narcolepsy and rheumatoid arthritis. Vitamin D is an essential fat-soluble vitamin.

Stimulants:- stimulant drugs are used to stimulate your central nervous system and gives you relief from the sudden outbursts of attacks.

Antidepressants:- Some antidepressants like imipramine and clomipramine are used as effective relievers.

 5.  REM sleep behavior disorder

It is one of that rare sleep disorders and only 0.1percent of adults might have it. In this condition, the eye moves randomly.



Treatment is similar to the previous disorders such as:-


Sleep disorders are hard to overcome. Sleep is the thing that keeps our body and mind relax, and good sleep of 8 hours is a must for everyone. But what if the normal schedule of sleep changes due to any psychological or physiological reasons? Sleep disorder simply means the inability to fall asleep. There are two types of disorders related to sleep, one is a short-term sleep disorder and the second is a long-term sleep disorder. The reason for short-term issues includes chronic pain, recent tragedy, anxiety about work, or any special event. But if the same stays for a long time, it will lead to a severe condition or severe sleep disorder.

There are five main sleeping disorders including insomnia, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, REM sleep behavior disorder. Although, the occurrence of these disorders may be the reason for some underlying medical conditions. The symptoms include excessive fatigue and a lack of concentration at work. Snoring is also a common symptom among those patients, and feel tired even after sleeping. In rare sleep disorders, the patient might jump from the bed and temporary paralysis is also observed. Some anti-depressants drugs and maintaining a sleep schedule may help in overcoming the symptoms. Moreover, lifestyle modifications such as meditation and practicing a happy routine will help you in getting over the curse.

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