Summer Health Tips: 8 Best Tips to Stay Healthy in Summer 


Do you hate summers like me?

India being rich in a matter of seasons is incredible. But every season is a struggle for us, as there is no perfect season. In summers especially we suffer a lot from the heat of the sun overhead. Also, a lot of possible health problems such as tiredness, sunburn, nausea, dehydration, and a heavily sweating body with cramps.

Sometimes the overheat takes us over and causes strokes and broken skin. And do you know the sun’s harmful rays cause premature aging too, by penetrating your skin and damaging your DNA in cells? Always try to prevent yourself from overexposure to the sun and heat, if you don’t want to look older than your age. 

  Don’t worry, we will face these summers together with fabulous as well as easy methods to stay healthy in summer. 


Here are some of the ways to stay healthy in summer

1. Stay hydrated 

During summers, our body loses enough water through perspiration, and spending too much time out in heat may cause headaches and dehydration. Keep a bottle of water with yourself always while stepping out of the home. Take sufficient water while staying home too. 


2. Use sunscreen 

During summers, the sun’s harmful U.V rays may damage your skin. You may have noticed that when you step out of home in the summer, you feel tanned. A little skin dryness also felt during summer. Sun rays not only cause damage but age your skin and increase melanin secretion, which darkens your skin. So, to prevent those damages, always use sunscreen before going out in the sun. 


3. Wear sunglasses 

The eyes being the most sensitive part of the body needs good care in summers. Heavy sun rays and heat may cause your eyes sensitive to light and may cause blurred vision. You may have felt the irritation and discomfort while trying opening eyes in the sun. This is enough reason to always wear sunglasses while going out in the sun. 


4. Avoid coffee and caffeinated beverages 


Caffeinated beverages work as diuretics, as they increase your blood flow and make you urinate more, thus leaving you dehydrated. Alcohol is also a dehydrating agent, if you don’t drink water with alcohol, you will be dehydrated soon. But in summers, try to avoid or consume in moderation. Rather drink non-caffeinated drinks and flavored water drinks such as mixed with mint, lemon, and many others. 


5. Consume more water enriched foods 

Aside from drinking water and beverages, the foods we consume also make up an amount of water in our bodies. For instance, the salads such as cucumber, reddish, onion, and tomatoes have enough water. Also, the fruits that contain more water like watermelon, berries, muskmelon, pineapple, etc.   


6. Make your workout routine

Summer is the perfect season for hiking, biking, and for a lot of outdoor games to keep your heart healthy and mind calm. Workout routines will keep you refreshing and active. Summers are usually lazy days, but if used smartly will make your whole summer season interesting and exciting. Though you will sweat a lot it is good for your health, sweating makes you feel cool and prevents you from overheating. And also releases harmful toxins out of your body. 


7. Go on vacations

This is the most interesting one right. Well, as you know the work and stress suck us all. So as to neutralize the effect of all hectic workload or study load as well, you should go for a wonderful vacation anywhere you feel calm and relaxed. It could be any hill station or any adventurous place, tracking just plan something. It will boost your mood and will distract you from the hurdles of life. 


8. Sleep well


Staying up late in summers is always excitable and fun giving, but it’s not a good idea overall. Occasionally staying up late is quite amusing, but try to sleep on time as sleeping decreases your body temperature from 2 to 3 degrees down to initiate the sleep. A good sleep of 7 hours maximum is a must. Adequate sleep will give you a refreshing morning and you will feel energetic the whole day the next morning. 



Summers are hard to get over and especially stepping out of the home and facing the sun is not less than a challenge. We all feel certain discomforts like nausea, tiredness, sunburn, tanning, dehydration. So how to stay healthy in summer becomes a common question for all of us. Well, by implying simple things like keeping yourself hydrated, eating high water content fruits and vegetables you will complete the requirement of your body. And about going out, I would say you must wear sunscreen and wear sunglasses while stepping out of the home. Go for a vacation with your family or friends. Sleep on time, stay active and play some games. These are the easy peasy methods to stay healthy in summer. 


Anjali Ved

Anjali ved is an enthusiastic writer in the health & lifestyle-related niche. She has been writing various blogs and articles on medical niches. Apart from this, she also holds a degree in medicine and an experience of two years.

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