10 Tips For Newborn Baby Care That Every Mother Should Know

Welcoming a newborn baby comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges. Once the baby comes it seems a wonderful moment of life for a mother, but also a big challenge of her life as well. Every new mom takes some advice and tips for newborn baby care from her mother. Interestingly, we all learn the things our mom taught us throughout our early life.

So, before going to any emotional talks, let’s jump in to the point that how to take care of a newborn when it’s your first child. And I am sure these amazing tips will help you to pamper your child in every possible way.

Things seem simple but when it’s about to apply, we got the reality check. The same applies to this too. A child may look the cutest and tiny, but the handling is equally tough.

From holding a child to feeding and cleaning up her is a sensitive process, so here we go…

Tips for newborn baby care after birth


Newborn baby care products

Baby products are different from our products as their bodies develop slowly and the skin is very delicate and sensitive. Hence, choosing a light baby-friendly product is important. Also, one should check it should be free of toxins and carcinogenic ingredients. Don’t go for a more expensive or popular brand, rather choose by consulting with your pediatrician about it. Hence, choose newborn baby care products wisely.

The market has enough baby products that will blow your mind, but you should prefer a safer and promising baby product. These products are soaps, shampoos, oil, powder, lotions, etc. Invest in fragrance-free baby products that are safer and leave your baby’s skin soft and healthy. Fragrance products often disbalance the skin’s texture and dry the skin.

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The toys you are buying should be made from non-toxic materials, as most of the time babies put everything into their mouths. Choose diapers having good holding and absorption capacity. Also, which will keep the skin area soft and won’t cause infection.

Holding the baby

tips for newborn baby care

A newborn is delicate and fragile, and holding a baby becomes a little awkward when you don’t know how to pick up this tiny guest. But holding a baby is important to pamper them, make them sleep, and feed them. Also, studies show that babies cry less if they are held for more than 2 hours daily. But how to hold a baby?

Babies need support at their heads and neck. Always remember to support them against your chest with one hand gliding on its head and neck while the other hand under its bottom. The Head is the heaviest part of your baby and needs special attention while holding. Also, at this early stage, the neck muscles aren’t fully developed yet and require a good hold.

And don’t give your baby to other children to hold, they might not pick them up in the right posture. It’s not a toy, a human being, and needs safety. Hence, learn how to hold a baby correctly. There are different positions you can hold a baby such as a shoulder hold, belly hold, lap hold, etc.


tips for newborn baby care

This is one of the challenging tasks to make a baby sleep. Many women struggle all night. So what is the right posture for a baby to sleep? Newborns should sleep on their back on a plane surface without any pillow, blanket, toys, or any stuff under them. This sleeping position for the baby is the most comfortable and prevents the baby from getting sudden infant death syndrome.

Furthermore, the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines suggests parents never co-sleep with their baby, sleep in the same room until 6 months. This is to reduce the risk of this strange syndrome.

SIDS syndrome is an unexplained death syndrome, happens during sleep in babies less than one year.

Full body massage

tips for newborn baby care

A body massage improves and embraces the parent-child bond as well as provides a boost up to the baby’s body strengthening the muscles. Use good baby oil to massage. Always notice the baby’s mood before picking them up. If the baby is calm, happy, and alert it’s a good time to massage him. Never make your baby uncomfortable when it’s not attentive or crying.

Use massage techniques that are gentle and easy-going with your baby and which he will enjoy.


Vaccinations are important to prevent your baby from various diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, polio, and various others. Small babies aren’t immune enough to deal with the outer bacterias and viruses. Also, the contact with other people, even with the mom can cause them to get ill.

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A single shot of vaccination of hepatitis reduces the chances of contraction by 90-95%. Apart from this, BCG vaccination is effective to prevent tuberculosis. Complete your baby’s every shot of the vaccine. Know about different vaccinations that should be given to a baby.

Is there any change for new moms postpartum? Yes, new moms should pay attention to their dietary habits. This is to breastfeed your child healthily. Breast milk contains several antibodies which are a lifesaver for newborns.

New moms should consume quality food which contains essential nutrients such as vitamins. Many moms are advised to have vitamin supplements to rich their milk with all basic nutrients. Fast food and processed food should be avoided.

Talk to your pediatrician about this and make your diet healthy enough to give your baby a healthy weight.

Clean your hands

tips for newborn baby care

New babies are very sensitive and your touch can impact them. So, if you are coming from the outside or are doing any household work, it’s important to clean your hands before holding them up. Next time you pick your baby up, make sure you have cleaned your hands.

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You can either wash your hands with a hand wash or can sanitize your hands with a sanitizer.

Change diapers frequently

tips for newborn baby care

Prolonged use of a diaper can irritate the baby’s skin and may cause skin infections, rashes, and redness. Thus use a high absorption capacity diaper and change frequently. This habit will reduce the risk of acquiring dermatitis or any other superimposed infection.

Don’t use wet wipes, rather use lukewarm water to rinse off and then dry with a blow dryer. لعبة بلاك جاك تحميل

Sponge baths

This includes wiping the baby’s body with a sponge or cotton balls by dipping in lukewarm water. Newborn babies should never be given a sponge bath until the umbilical cord drops off. The sponge bath is performed after 24 hours of an infant’s life, the nursing staff will teach the proper way of sponge bath of a newborn. There should not be a submerged bath until the umbilical cord falls away.

Care of Umbilical cord stump

The umbilical cord stump changes its color several times before falling off starting from birth to 1-2 weeks. The color changes from gelatinous yellow and white to dry brown or black before dropping off.

As we know, a submerged bath should not be done until the umbilical cord drops. So, the care of the umbilical cord stump includes dry care and does not require a water bath. Though, the areas around it should be cleaned thoroughly. But don’t use alcohol or any chemical product on the skin as it can cause inflammation or skin irritation to the baby.

Never shake baby’s head

Newborn babies are fragile and a forceful action can cause some uneasiness to them. The head is especially a very sensitive part that should not be shaken as the brain is growing and a force might cause brain bleeding.

As most of the time when someone holds the baby, they shake the baby unintentionally or in an attempt to pacify them. Hence, do not practice any harsh activity on a newborn.

Learn more tips for newborn baby care from your pediatrician and implement them on your baby. A specialist can give you the best advice ever.


I hope you get to know about a few important tips for newborn baby care. A newborn is sensitive and delicate, thus requires special treatment. If you take care of the baby at his early development, he will have a good weight, good immunity, and a good body posture. bet365 arab Always consult a specialist when in doubt and choose the best for your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions:-


How can I be a good mom to my newborn?

There are many ways to care for a baby and be a good mom. This includes breastfeeding your baby from time to time. Giving them a full-body massage and talking to your baby. Be friendly and gentle to your baby while cleaning, feeding, or sleeping them.

Is taking care of a newborn easy?

Taking care of a newborn is not a task but a responsibility. Many parents feel it is difficult at the beginning but they learn it with time. Of course, it takes some time and challenges, but it also gives you good memories of your life. It becomes easy with the right guidance from experienced parents and pediatricians.

How long is newborn stage?

A 2-month-old baby is considered a newborn. They are also called infants and children from birth to one year age.

When can a newborn be away from its mother?

Well, a newborn should not be left away from the mother for 9 months, as this period is crucial for making the parent-child bond. During this time the child is practicing breastfeeding, wakes up late at night crying, and needs a mother all day long. So, until the child reaches one year don’t leave them alone.

Do newborns know their mother?

Newborns slowly start to recognize their mother’s face. Firstly they start recognizing the mother’s smell and sound and start linking with it visually. And with time they start memorizing the mother’s mom.

How often do you bathe a newborn?

Newborns don’t need a regular bath. Three times a week is enough to clean them until they start moving. Bathing more often can lead to skin dryness and skin problems for the baby.

Can I kiss my newborn?

Who doesn’t want to kiss their child? But do you know kissing the newborn can cause serious health problems them? The baby has just come and has no immunity to tackle the bacterias we have. So, it’s better to avoid kissing a newborn. لعبة على الانترنت

Is it OK to put baby to sleep without burping?

It’s important to burp a baby, even though it looks simple to sleep them without burping. It’s possible that without a burp, your child will feel uncomfortable after feeding and wake up quickly or spit the milk or both.

What is the best sleeping position for babies?

Sleeping on the back on a plane surface is the best sleeping position for babies. In the front side or side position, the child is more vulnerable to SIDS syndrome. In this syndrome, the child dies in sleep. Thus, always sleep your baby in the back position and avoid the front or side positions.

How can you help a newborn poop?

You can help your baby poop by gently massaging your baby’s tummy. And moving the baby’s legs in a cyclic motion can stimulate their bowel movements. Moreover, a warm bath is also helpful in relaxing the muscles. During this method your baby may poop in the bath, so be prepared.






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