Vivo Tonic Reviews [Updated 2022] – Does It Really Work?


Vivo tonic is an excellent nutritional supplement manufactured with 11 ingredients to support blood sugar levels.

This amazing formula is consists of a blended form of several herbs, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

Which was used by Buddhist monks in ancient times during their living in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, where the people didn’t have any problems in keeping their blood sugar levels managed and unaffected their health.

So, a product made by the ancient methodology will go to help diabetic and prediabetic people purportedly.

Does it really work or is it a scam? Let’s find out in the article. Please read till the end to know more.

What Is Vivo Tonic?

vivo tonic

Certain factors like diet, lack of exercise may imbalance your blood sugar levels drastically. Especially, if you are in your mid-age, your metabolism may get a slight shift from its normal workings.

However, it could happen due to hormonal changes, or even genetics.

There is a term insulin resistance, which inhibits the body’s ability to respond to insulin. Which leads to an increased level of glucose and diabetes 2 eventually.

Vivo tonic makers target a solution to this problem. Along with the natural ingredients, Vivo tonic gives you a better opportunity to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Vivo tonic entire blend is easy to consume. The formula is inspired by the recipe of Kathmandu monks that they have used in ancient times to manage their blood sugar.

Many of their recipes are published in numerous journals.

The good part about the Vivo tonic is it’s free from any stimulants or additives or any kind of harmful chemicals that may harm you in any way.

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How Does Vivo Tonic Works?

Working is directly proportional to the quality of its ingredients. Here, they use 11 majorly effective natural ingredients in vivo tonic.

The ingredients are:-

  • Banaba leaf
  • Resveratrol
  • Corosolic acid
  • Silymarin
  • Korean ginseng
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Chromium
  • Zinc
  • Alpha-lipoic acid

Even, the official website of Vivo tonic supplement claims that the formula was inspired and developed by the “Tibetan monks”.

The ability of this formula to maintain blood sugar levels increased its popularity regardless of its origin or pioneers.

The important thing to note here is Vivo tonic doesn’t cure or treat diabetes. It only helps you keep your blood sugar levels at optimum levels.

So, your glucose levels will be in a healthy range. The makers have used their secret recipe to innovate a product that could help so many diabetic and prediabetic people to overcome high sugar levels and insulin resistance.

Vivo Tonic Benefits

Vivo tonic gives you the following benefits:-

  • No added stimulants, toxins, or habit-forming ingredients.
  • 100% gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan-friendly product.
  • Balanced and gentle formula
  • Works irrespective of your age, gender or health condition.

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Vivo Tonic Ingredients

vivo tonic supplement facts

As we have discussed already, it contains only 100% natural ingredients. Those are capable enough to keep your blood sugar levels at optimum levels.

A total of 11 ingredients are combined in this formula to improve your blood sugar levels and bring you a healthy lifestyle.

Here are all ingredients explained briefly:-

Banaba leaf:- banaba leaf is also known as a “sacred Buddhist blood glucose regulator”. And also contains 40 bioactive substances that are good for balanced blood sugar levels.

Resveratrol:- it is a natural antioxidant extracted from grape seeds and wine. Due to resveratrol’s anti-aging properties, people use this every day.

Vivo tonic makers say resveratrol can optimize blood sugar levels and encourage a healthy blood flow.

Corsolic acid:- as per the Vivo tonic’s official website, corosolic acid is a naturally derived component and is stuffed with the optimal blood sugar level carrying benefits.

Silymarin:- it is the active ingredient in milk thistle (an ancient medicinal plant).

Vivo tonic website is confident about this ingredient in supporting the normal functioning of the liver.

Eventually keeping the blood glucose level at optimal.

Korean ginseng:- it has tremendous effects on metabolism, immunity, and overall body functions.

This is why it’s quite expensive, one pound is worth more than $8,000. Vivo tonic claims that they have resourced good quality Korean ginseng into their product.

Cayenne pepper:- it’s mostly found in weight loss supplements for its thermogenic properties.

According to the Vivo tonic’s official website, cayenne pepper in vivo tonic works similarly to resveratrol.

Such as regulating blood pressure, improving blood flow, and other benefits.

Chromium:- it is the common ingredient found in all online diabetes supplements today.

Chromium works as an important component linked to insulin activity in the body.

Some studies also suggest that diabetic people are at high risk of chromium deficiency.

This is why many doctors recommend chromium supplements to combat the deficiency.

Alpha-lipoic acid:- it’s also a natural ingredient having antioxidants properties.

Even so, ALA can be derived from some veggies like spinach and broccoli.

Studies have suggested, ALA, may help in regulating nerve function. Diabetes is also a neuropathy problem. Most people don’t know about neuropathy, and nerve health.

Vivo tonic makers said that ALA helps in nerve functions and eyesight.

Scientific Evidence For Vivo Tonic

scientific evidence of Vivo Tonic

The makers claim that their product brings good results for everybody. Furthermore, the formula is combined with 11 powerful natural ingredients that are linked to blood sugar management.

For instance, alpha-lipoic acid and chromium.

Even though, Vivo tonic doesn’t complete any clinical trials or scientific studies to confirm that it lowers blood sugar or helps in diabetes.

Even so, the company yet not published its research in any journals. The company doesn’t cite any studies or examples regarding Kathmandu’s monk secret formula.

Nonetheless, there are some ingredients in vivo tonic that have completed studies to validate their work.

So, here are those ingredients.

Firstly, Vivo tonic makers specify the study on banaba extract. The extract of banaba has been used over centuries, being used in traditional medicine.

Currently, the researchers have revealed that corosolic acid in banaba extract has hypoglycemic effects. That is, it helps in lowering blood sugar levels.

Researchers have found that banaba extract could have antidiabetic and anti-obesity benefits. They found this after going through animal and human tests on the same.

Moreover, they found that banaba extract also combats cholesterols.

Vivo tonic also contains chromium, the most important mineral for diabetic people.

In a study of 2004, researchers evaluated the evidence on chromium and finally got to a point that it helps in lowering blood sugar levels.

As people with chromium deficiency often have worse control over blood sugar levels.

To compensate the chromium loss, many supplements contain a dose of 200-1000 mg of chromium.

It’s the accurate dose to be given to enhance the blood glucose level.

Along with these ingredients, ALA is also on the list of scientifically evident ingredients. As well as it is found in various diabetic supplements due to its powerful benefits.

It’s a sulfur-containing compound in human cells. Even, the powerhouse mitochondria need energy from ALA.

Some studies are linked with ALA in supporting insulin sensitivity, cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation, blood vessel tone, oxidative stress, and many more.

Largely, the Vivo tonic is a combination of all those ingredients you generally see in other diabetes supplements sold online.

Many people used the above ingredients daily to derive benefits on controlling blood sugar.

Even taking these ingredients in higher doses may help in getting stronger results. Though, it would not be wise to compare the Vivo tonic formula to scientific studies and alternate supplements in the market.

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Vivo Tonic Side Effects

Though it already mentioned on the official website that all combined ingredients are natural and organic. Hence, side effects are rare and limited to minor changes.

For instance, a sense of nausea and a mild headache might be felt. Any major side effects haven’t been reported ever.

Usually, side effects result due to overdosage, which leads to toxicity. Like if you take more than two capsules at a time, it will impact you negatively.

Therefore, always read the label and dosage carefully. If you have any medical condition or relying on some other medications already, please consult your doctor once.

How To Use Vivo Tonic Blood Sugar Formula?

You should use Vivo tonic as per the required dosage labeled on the bottle. You have to take two capsules a day, which is easy to swallow.

All you need is to be consistent in consuming the doses. However, the dose type depends on the weight, age, gender, and severity of diabetes.

So, these are some factors deciding your dose calculation of the Vivo tonic.

On the whole, two capsules a day is sufficient for an individual. Vivo tonic will give you maximum results in this dose. It may vary depending on given factors.

One more thing to note is you must take the capsule half an hour before breakfast or meals.

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Who Can Take Vivo Tonic?

Any person over 18 years or an adult of any age can use this Vivo tonic. People can use this supplement regardless of their gender.

Underage people (below 18) must avoid this.

The supplement is safe and doesn’t possess any major side effects.

Vivo tonic nutritional supplement can be taken by diabetics and prediabetics to maintain blood sugar levels and lose some extra pounds along.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers, on the other hand, should avoid using this supplement. They should once talk to their doctors to avoid any medical issues.

As well as those, who have any serious medical condition and taking some medications must consult their doctors first. They should take it only after the doctor prescribes it.

If one feels side effects, discontinue the use. However, new users may feel slight side effects like headaches, nausea, and lightheadedness.

According to the creators of the Vivo tonic, these moderate symptoms will disappear after 7 days.

Where To Buy Vivo Tonic Blood Sugar Supplement?

Vivo tonic blood sugar supplement is sold via the official website. It is not sold on any other website or offline stores.

To increase the authenticity of the product, manufacturers only sell Vivo tonic through online orders.

vivo tonic price

You can also get some discount by purchasing multiple bottles. Here are the best prices you get:-

  • One bottle worth $79 (including small shipping charge)
  • Three bottles worth $177 ( $ 59 each with free shipping)
  • Six bottles worth $354 ($49 each with free shipping)

In case you face any queries regarding the Vivo tonic blood sugar supplement, you are free to contact the customer service at their product support email: [email protected].

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Refund Policy

There is a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the product. Vivo tonic provides you two months to test the product and to return as well if not feel any benefits.

You just need to send the empty or full bottles to the maker’s address.


Vivo tonic is a nutritional diabetes supplement incorporated with 11 amazing natural ingredients. It helps in regulating blood sugar levels in diabetic and prediabetic people.

However, Vivo tonic doesn’t claim to treat diabetes or fix neuropathy. It is quite expensive and rich in quality than other diabetic supplements in the market.

It only helps in optimizing your blood sugar levels. The product is available at the official website of the Vivo tonic. You won’t find the same product offline.

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For Whom Will Vivo Tonic Be Used?

Every diabetic or prediabetic person can use Vivo tonic. It works irrespective of gender, age, and weight. However, underage people must avoid this. It may take a while to get used to the product. 

But once you will, benefits will be shown.

Is Vivo Tonic Safe?

Yes. Vivo tonic is completely safe and has been manufactured after proper research and evaluation. The ingredients are also safe and natural.

How Long Will It Take For The Package To Be Delivered?

Domestic deliveries take less than 10 days. Overall, the orders are accepted throughout the globe. Usually, the delivery takes 24 hours and could be changed due to certain conditions.

What’s The Current Vivo Tonic Refund Policy?

The current refund policy for Vivo tonic is 60 days with a 100% money-back guarantee. You get two months to return the product.

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