What foods to eat to lower cholesterol levels? 5 best foods for lowering cholesterol

The best way to fill yourself with essential nutrients and components is to consume plenty of diets enriched with health elements. As we know that cholesterol is a very important part of our formation of nerve cells, tissues, and hormone production.

The risk of getting cardiovascular diseases is very high among obese people, and people with high blood pressure. And in this matter, all we need to keep in mind is that what we consume. The more high fatty things we consume we get vulnerable to heart issues.

Therefore, good quality food should be consumed to maintain a high level of cholesterol.

So, what food to eat to lower your cholesterol level?

Here are some best foods to eat to lower cholesterol fast and balancing a healthy weight:-


1. Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits have high soluble fiber content, which helps in the reduction of absorption of cholesterol level that is the LDL level in your blood. Don’t remove the skin from carrots, potatoes, pumpkins as it will increase the fiber intake.

Patients with high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes sometimes complain of the high uric acid level in their blood, and in their cases, citrous fruits like oranges, lemons, strawberries, and apples are the foods to lower cholesterol and uric acid.


2. Legumes

legumes are the seed or fruit of a plant which when used as dry grain called a pulse. It is also a great reservoir of soluble fibers and proteins. Some common examples of legumes are lentils, black-eyed peas, chickpeas, beans. Regular bean intake will stimulate good bacteria in the abdomen and reduces the risk of obesity up to 22%.

 Some random researches show that consumption of legumes may help you out to get rid of hypertension, and reduces the risk of a heart attack.


3. Almonds and walnuts

nuts are rich in healthy fats and fibers. Consuming nuts everyday will helps in lowering your LDL. Do not roast or salt nuts for better results. Not only almonds and walnuts but all the dry fruits such as cashews, dates, are a great source of heart-healthy fats.


4. Whole grains

Eating whole grains such as oats cereals helps in lowering the bad cholesterol levels ” LDL”, as it has a good content of “beta-glucan” which is a soluble fiber.

 Whole grains are the best breakfast foods to eat to lower cholesterol. …

one bowl of oats every day will give you the desired results within few weeks.

 It works only for LDL, not for HDL or triglycerides. Prefer rolled oats as it has 100% content of oats and other products such as “quick oats” contain sugar or salt. Bread, cereals, oats, barley, are the best foods to lower cholesterol and lose weight. A study in America has shown that consumption of whole grains helps in losing calories by decreasing the number of calories retained during digestion.


5. Olive oil

It is the monounsaturated or polyunsaturated vegetable oil used all over for frying and dressing foods. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits on your health. Being a good origin of antioxidative properties lowers your bad cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy.

 It protects your blood vessels from any type of damage and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Several people worldwide are tolerating high blood pressure because of the high level of cholesterol in their blood vessels. Hypertension is directly linked with the high cholesterol level as it blocks the arteries that deliver the blood to the heart and eventually causes the high tension on the heart to pump blood through them.

Thus, it becomes a very important topic to pay attention to that.

What foods to eat to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure?


Fermented foods

Fermented foods contain a good content of probiotics that have benefits on the health of the gut and some moderate effects on lowering blood pressure.

You can use natural yogurt, kimchi, apple cider vinegar in your regular diet.



The “allicin” constituent of garlic has various benefits on health. It controls the production of enzyme angiotensin 2 which is responsible for tightening up the blood vessels and causing high blood pressure.

Regular consumption of garlic stimulates the production of nitric oxide which helps in the dilation of our blood vessels.



Dark chocolates contain at least 70% of coca and it helps in instant relief from hypertension. On the other hand, it also increases the good cholesterol level in the blood and cleans out the “bad cholesterol”.



Bananas are a rich source of potassium which helps in managing high blood pressure and one banana contains at least 422 mg of potassium. Other potassium-rich foods are mushrooms, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, avocado.

 Therefore, we can get rid of high blood pressure and high cholesterol by knowing the foods to avoid to lower cholesterol and foods to eat to lower cholesterol.



Our existence depends on the beating of our heart and with time it needs proper care. With age, some diseases and lifestyle people can acquire high cholesterol levels in the blood which can be fatal if not treated with time. The first thing we can do is avoid foods that raise our bad cholesterol levels like trans fats, saturated fats, and salty foods which increase the sodium level that is harmful if you are dealing with hypertension. Increase the fiber content intake, citrous foods, and green vegetables to your diet. Make some small changes in your daily routine like exercise for 30 minutes to lose extra calories and improve heart pumping. Being consistent with your routine planning will leave you in good health.

















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