What Happens When You Quit Drinking: Benefits and Facts

 You may have heard someone saying that quit alcohol, it’s not good. But the victim doesn’t understand it. But have you ever thought that what are the benefits of quitting alcohol?

Are you thinking to quit alcohol? If you are not the victim, then give a pat on your back, as drinking too much neither good for your physical health and mental health. In our generation when people find it a cool culture to drink alcohol and smoke, you must know the facts and benefits for not doing so. However, nothing can be completely bad, I agree. But excessiveness can drastically cause you some of the worst problems.

From the worst problems, I mean cardiovascular diseases, abnormal blood pressure, stroke, damage to the liver and pancreas. And not consuming alcohol will cause some withdrawal symptoms that tend to cause anxiety issues, and in severe cases can lead to depression.

But if you quit it with time, you will feel relaxation and improvement in many terms.

Researches have shown that your damaged tissues and organs heal eventually when you quit drinking after an alcohol use disorder.  

 what are the benefits of quitting alcohol?  

I will give you certain facts related to the quitting of alcohol. Some of them are as follows:-

Improves your skin

we can spot a drunker, by looking at his face, or by smelling him. Here, the face is always on the top, as we can ignore the smell at once, but can’t ignore the appearance. 

Drunker looks fainted and red-eyed. Alcohol abuse can cause dehydration, inflammation, broken capillaries on the face and nose. 

But when you quit drinking or moderated its quantity, then you can see the results on your skin. As the redness and yellowishness underneath your eyes will start to reduce and the skin will recover its elasticity. Or either you can say that it is one of the beauty benefits of quitting alcohol.

Improves your sleep

Alcohol and poor sleep is interlinked, as it makes it difficult to sleep and, interrupts your sleep-wake cycles. Aside from this, it relaxes the muscles of your throat, which can later result in sleep apnea. which is a sleep disorder that can be identified with intense snoring. 

The more you stay away from heavy consumption of alcohol, the more good sleep you get.  

Enhanced immunity

Drinking interferes with the production of enough white blood cells, which are the soldiers of our body. Consequently, makes you prone to some severe illness like tuberculosis, and flu. That is why a lot of drinkers are dealing with these illnesses. A long term drinking will lead you to the consequence. 

As you say bye to the overdrinking, you maintain the decorum of your body.

Maintaining a healthy weight

Alcohol drains out the essential nutrients from your body, hence obstruct your metabolism. Alcohol contains sugars and empty calories if you consume alcohol vigorously. You will easily consume above 600 calories in just one night. 

According to the National Institute on alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, drinking excessively in a pattern will bring the blood alcohol level up to 0.08g/dl in a short period of time, around 2 hours.

Hence, quitting alcohol will help in the fall down of the blood alcohol level, and in maintaining a good level of calories.

Improves mental health

Drinking excessively is associated with the numerous mental illness, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, that includes hallucinations and abnormal behavior.

According to the study of the National Survey on Drug and Health, around 9.2 million adults reported both mental illness, and substance use disorder. And 60% of them, didn’t have any treatment history. Hence, when you quit drinking, you will prevent these mental illnesses, up to an extent. Hence, it is one of the long-term benefits of quitting alcohol.  

Developing an alcohol-free lifestyle is really a big deal for those who are addicted desperately. But, organizing your mind, in that direction and seeking help from known ones, will definitely help you in overcoming the curse.

Reduces cardiovascular diseases

A drinker is many times more vulnerable to cardio diseases and may have some harmful conditions like myocardial infarction, heart failure, hemorrhagic stroke, and many others. 

Alcohol improves the heart rate, which results in elevated blood pressure or hypertension. This is a temporary response, but in the case, continues to drink, can be fatal.  


Well, you should be amazed by knowing the benefits of quitting alcohol. as you know everything is limited up to a limitation, and when we cross it we imbalance the natural decorum of our bodies. so as to keep it in balance, you need to moderate the amount of alcohol that you consume. And will be great if you completely quit it with time.

Drinking excessively is not good for either your mental and physical health. Everybody knows that drinking is not good if consumed desperately but still nobody quits and continues. It is agreeable that alcohol is quite beneficial too, but there is a saying that every excess is dangerous, it could be anything, if you do in excess, will harm you eventually. Quitting alcohol is linked to a lot of benefits, such as it will help in regaining the glow and elasticity to your skin, which usually gets dull and yellowish or red. It will help you in maintaining a healthy weight, will improve your immunity system, and prevent you from fatal heart diseases. Start from small steps, and set a target that you will moderate its amount, and one day you will able to quit completely, don’t worry.

Anjali Ved

Anjali ved is an enthusiastic writer in the health & lifestyle-related niche. She has been writing various blogs and articles on medical niches. Apart from this, she also holds a degree in medicine and an experience of two years.

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