Yoga Burn Reviews 2022 – Does It Really Help You To Lose Weight?

Yoga Burn: An Overview

Yoga burn is introduced by Zoe bray- cotton, who is a certified yoga instructor and has been in this field since 2014.

Zoe purposed a genuine weight loss and women’s body-shaping through her 12-week yoga program. 

The best thing about yoga burn is that it won’t make you bored of a common routine.

Instead, it is a versatile program where you do something new every time. 

A lot of people think yoga is not an efficient method to lose weight.

But this isn’t true. In yoga, there are plenty of positions and postures that help you shed weight. 

You don’t have to afford the gym’s expenses or go to an expensive trainer.

You will be given a decent workout routine with yoga burn. 

I know you are curious to know the cost.

The current price for this digital yoga workout program is $67.

But read on to know the best offers to purchase this. 

What Is Yoga Burn? 

what is yoga burn

As we know yoga burn is a digital yoga 12-week program specially prepared for women.

It aims to help women to lose that extra belly and reframe their glutes.

After all, it feels good to have a fit body. 

In this program, Zoe recommends a 45 minutes yoga class 3 times a week for effective results. 

It’s a strategic approach that delivers the results over time. 

The whole program is split into 3 phases, that last to provide you flexibility and a calorie burn.

Furthermore, this program follows dynamic sequencing.

Let’s talk in more detail. 

Yoga burn works with 3 phases to make the trainee comfortable and easy going with the guide. 

The 3 phases are:- 

Foundational flow phase:- So, as the name suggests, it is about making a strong foundation to build a better yoga practice. 

You will start slowly and will discover things to improve your flexibility and metabolism without being too fast. 

Thus, it’s a learning stage where you learn effective yoga poses. So, in that process, you are minimizing your chances of injury, being slow. 

Transitional flow phase:- This is a heat-up phase. When you attain a level up in the practice and also burn more calories. 

It also works upon your flexibility and strength. This is when you start to see some changes in your muscles. And start to do some moves without a lot of effort. 

Mastery flow phase:- Though this phase doesn’t need any definition, it’s about the mastery you attain after a certain time. 

The mastery phase is the last phase when you effortlessly practice yoga and experiment yourself with advanced methods. 

Eventually, this program pushes you to get to your maximum level in terms of burning calories and muscle strengthening. 

You will feel drastic changes in your body, which a lot of people are unable to attain. Even after taking offline classes. 

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What Is Dynamic Sequencing? 

Zoe says that her course is based on dynamic sequencing yoga. It’s a sequence or series of yoga poses. 

The yoga sequence is designed to push you a little harder each time you practice yoga.

Eventually, your body will get used to the yoga burn program. 

Moreover, it prevents plateaus ( a sudden decrease in results after a regular workout).

As well as helps you build a more feminine body.

In this 12-week program, Zoe focuses to enhance your flexibility and strength.

And to acquire this, you will have to practice the right yoga poses at the right time, in the right sequence, and up to the right duration of time. 

This is why the program is divided into three phases which we talked about.

Apart from this, the course also helps you burn calories. 

Who Is It For? 

Yoga burn is specially designed for women who either want to lose some weight or reframe their bodies. 

There might be some women, who don’t want to lose weight but wants to get a more flexible and firm body. 

This is for you too. 

Whether you want to lose weight or not, yoga burn helps you in an active routine. 

Furthermore, the phases in dynamic sequencing yoga are suitable for beginners as well as experienced.

If you haven’t tried yoga, you can still follow the program. 

The nature of this program will make you adapt to the variations in poses. 

Also, you don’t have to work out for hours.

Zoe suggests only 3 classes of 45 minutes per week. 

As a bonus, you get tranquility flow classes, which is a great way to relax on some of your off-days. 

Who Is Zoe Bray-Cotton? 

zoe bray cotton

Zoe bray cotton is a certified female yoga instructor and body transformer for many since 2014.

She has helped more than 1000 women to transform their bodies. 

She concludes her knowledge and experience in body transformation and weight loss in this 12- week program. 

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What’s In The Package? 

Yoga burn is delivered both, as a digital download and physical DVDs.

yoga burn package

So, you will get digital access immediately and physical DVD shortly after. 

Furthermore, you will receive a bunch of free bonuses to help you out with your body routine and transformation journey. 

Let’s know quickly, what’s in the package:- 

Yoga burn 12-week body shaping program: digital download & physical DVD.

It includes 20- best-explained yoga pose tutorials with dynamic sequencing.

There are 9 videos combined.  You can play each video 4 times before moving to the next one. 

  • BONUS:- an audio version tutorial while traveling. 
  • BONUS:- peaceful flow class: a set of stress relief patterns. It’s a good way to relax while not burning many calories.  
  • BONUS:- immersion community: a fitness community only for women. It serves as a community for talking to other women about their journey and experience. Thus, having support throughout the program. 
  • BONUS:- additional yoga burn: it includes an extra set of DVDs providing the introduction of different types of yogas. Such as ashtanga, jundalini, Hatha, vinyasa, and various restorative yogas. 
  • Optional:- you have the choice to purchase an extra copy of the course for a discount. This is a good option when you join the program along with a friend. 

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga Burn? 

Yoga burn gives you a lot of benefits such as:- 

It is specially designed for women:- yoga program or classes always held according to the ages, sizes of different people. This is why trainers stay careful while conducting programs. 

The program should help every age of women from 18-65. Yoga burn aims to give every woman the body they desire. By tightening up the core muscles and improving their glutes. 

If you desire a more feminine body, you’ll see the benefits. 

It brings results in a short time:- it gives you enough time to improve your strength and stability. 

Every yoga movement is connected to the other and helps in calorie burn. If done in the right way, it helps in getting results in a short time. 

It also works on some common female bodies like small butt size and belly fat. It helps in getting rid of those and gaining a slimmer waist and strong glutes. 

Dynamic sequencing works on your current level:- not everyone is familiar with yoga poses. This is why Zoe proposed light sequencing to make its viewers comfortable enough to practice it. 

0She designed the program in a manner, so it matches your current level. And you won’t feel pressured to get fast with the classes. 

She made her course adjustable for everyone. 

Also, it’s the key advantage of yoga burn over traditional yoga. 

Its help in stress relief:- yoga is an ancient practice for a calm mind and body. It reduces stress-releasing hormones, which usually are the reason for increased levels of body fat. 

Zoe explains in her one-hour video how you can practice yoga for relieving stress. 

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Is Yoga Burn A Legitimate Company?

The company was started by a young yoga certified trainer in 2014. Zoe- Bray cotton was the owner and founder of that company who worked together with her team to reap the results. 

Zoe states that this 3 phase yoga program works because of the expertise and the formula she uses in it. 

She came up with this course after taking advice from the professionals. 

Yoga burn is proposed to help everyone who purchases this course. Also, a full money-back guarantee for those who aren’t satisfied with the results or the program. 

If you want to have one set of yoga burn, please refer to the official website. So, you will not face any scam or fraud. 

The leading website for yoga burn gives you proper security over credit card details. We value your money. 

How Long Are The Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge Workouts?

It’s a 12-week program and divided into 3 phases: foundational phase, transitional phase, and mastery phase. 

For every week, there is a 45-minute workout routine.

In which, zoe takes 15 minutes to complete one workout. 

According to health and fitness experts, a 15-minute training is crucial.

This is an excellent way to spend time building your metabolism and strength. 

So, join zoe in this 45 minutes weekly program and strengthen your body and take the challenge. 

There are two challenges in yoga burn which are interesting among customers and reviewers: the yoga burn core challenge and booty challenge.  

When Can You See Results?

Results take time to appear. However, you will feel some changes in your body.

For instance, flexibility and timespan will increase over time. 

As you will get used to the routine, you will feel changes internally.

And physically as well when you continue it for a long time. 

Although, it also depends on the body type of every individual.

You cannot compare your progress with your friend’s. 

The timeline is different for everyone. You will have to stick to the 12-week program. 

Not all changes are visible.

Like a good metabolism and immunity is not visible, but it happens within the body. 

Does Yoga Burn Help You Lose Weight?

According to some scientific evidence, that estimated and strategic yoga helps in weight loss. 

It is because you get minimal chances for injury and no equipment is needed for that. 

A lot of people wonder if yoga actually can lose weight.

So, yes it can lose weight if practiced regularly and well. 

You won’t feel any results from the first day.

Zoe bray cotton says that dynamic sequencing is the secret of yoga burn effectiveness. 

You won’t feel any visible change from the first day, but it does not mean yoga isn’t working. You will have to have the patience to got results. 

The dynamic sequencing of yoga teaches the trainees slow progress and adaptation to various new yoga poses. 

The dynamic sequence works on a principle of adaptation and progression.

It also conveys that every trainee should try to adapt to new changes. 

Yoga burn will provide you with the desired results you want.

Furthermore, it works best as it is designed by an experienced and certified trainer.

She has included 3 phases to pursuit the results. 

The program matches your current level and takes you forward.

Every yoga pose is interlinked to the other.

Thus, helps in improving flexibility and shapes the body as the training runs. 

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What Do Others Say About Yoga Burn?

A large number of women say positively about yoga burn.

They claim that it’s the only program that gives them maximum benefits in less time. 

Every exercise in yoga burn is designed for weight loss.

However, it does multiple things. yet, weight loss is still prioritized for ladies. 

This is why yoga burn gives an affordable solution to lose some extra pounds. 

Also, there are some discounts for women of all ages.

From which they can take advantage. 

The best thing about this virtual guide is, it doesn’t make you competitive with others.

You can practice it according to you.

Unlike offline yoga classes which take your time and money. 

Pros and cons 

Pros Cons 
  • You can practice at home, all comfortable. 
  • You will need to complete the training schedule. 
  • It’s an ideal program for those who are looking for a decent workout routine. 
  • The sessions are 45 minutes long, and may not be adjustable for everyone. 
  • The program is good for beginners. As the instructor has designed it according to them specially. 
  • It’s not for advanced yoga practitioners. 
  • It’s meant for weight loss and reframing of the body. 
  • You are free to return it within 60 days from the training begin. 
  • It boosts your metabolism and helps you with an active workout routine. 

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How Much Does Yoga Burn Cost?

Yoga burn is a digital yoga guide specially designed for women.

It’s perfect for women who want to lose some weight. 

You can buy a set of yoga burn 12-week program at the current price of $67 inclusive of shipping charges.

In which you receive one digital download and a physical DVD. 

Zoe bray herself teaches various yoga poses to her trainees or viewers.

She is an experienced trainer in this field. 

Where To Buy Yoga Burn? 

As we have already discussed, prefer the official website to purchase. It will prevent you from being robbed or from fake services. 

Once you finalize the payment, your account will create. You can cancel the order anytime. But please note, if you cancel the order company will not refund you. 

The available payment options for you are through credit card, PayPal, MasterCard, and American express. 

Zoe guarantees her customers that none of their credit cards details will be collected or shared. 

She also facilitates a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase. All customers are free to request a money back if not satisfied. 

The price for yoga burn is inclusive of shipping charges. 

When you order a set of DVDs, they will be shipped immediately. However, delivery will take time depending on where you live. 

The program also offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee from the day you begin the training. 

If you want to ask for a money-back, you can either call on the toll-free number or drop an email. You will receive the refund as soon it delivers to the officials. 

In case you purchased a physical version of the program, you might have to return it by shipping it back within 60 days. Then, you will receive a refund less the shipping costs. 

There is also a free video designed for beginners or anyone who wants to involve in a fitness program. 

Although, the free video is a repetitive clip, unlike DVD for purchase. It’s a disadvantage of free tutorials. 

While in purchase one, there will be no ads and any kind of disturbance. 

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 The Yoga Burn 12-week program, directed by Zoe Bray-Cotton, is the best weight-loss program accessible, and it’s free.

You get 60 days after signing up for the yoga program to try out the service.

You should finish this in 60 days, and if the buyer bought a DVD, they can return it as well.

Both, buyers of online download and physical DVD versions will receive a full money-back guarantee under the refund policy.

However, the latter will pay shipping expenses.

You can connect to the instructor via her Facebook page or her toll-free number.

Customers can access the holistic program as soon as they pay the relevant fees.

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