Amazing Stress Relief Gadgets You Must Use


As we all know that stress has become a part of our lives, and it keeps on distracting us from a normal life routine. Hence, stress relief gadgets serve as a distraction from stress. It protects us from pondering about things that give us stress.

The worst scenario is when we want to be happy, but overthinking takes us over. So, do you want to distract yourself from this chaos? Just be consistent with me, I will share with you some amazing gadgets, which can make your day.

Best Stress Relief Gadgets 


Fidget cube

Fidgeting can be a better option to distract yourself. Well, fidget cubes are considered anti-stress and anti-anxiety stress toys.  It helps in developing motor skills and coordination, which tend to help in the development of small hand muscles. 

This desk toy designed by Matthew and McLachlan will jog your memory that playing with this kind of puzzle will lead to a more efficient work ethic. All 6 sides have something to do, whether to glide, roll, flip, click, or you can use it as an anger relief toy when you feel so.

The pip

Do you know our dermis produces some electrodermal responses when we are stressed? The pip works on the same, as it senses the electrical signals from your fingertips, as our fingertips are more sensitive to stress and convert it into a visualization, which eventually makes you self-aware of your condition, the more electricity you will generate, the more you sweat.  

Well Be

The well Be wearable, works on the exact cause of stress, by detecting your heart rate, and by using some advanced algorithms, based on the particular time, like a particular location, the people you meet, the things you do. This smart bracelet will tell you what exactly stimulates your stress rise. 

Then, you will know what things you should stop doing, and what people you should not meet.

USB aromatherapy

Have you ever thought of making your work environment peaceful and comfortable with stress relief gadgets for work? Then USB aromatherapy is for you.

It is a safe and refreshing way to relieve stress, and you can use it while driving a car, or in a hotel, or in your room. European journal of integrative medicine has found that those who smell the aroma of lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus, tea trees are less depressed than those who don’t. The USB aromatherapy diffuser is a small pluggable device that moves the heating element to release scents through an absorbent pad or essential oils. 

The face of the moon and face stress ball

It was created by Japanese designer Makiko Yoshida “the Face of the moon”. And it is the product of the Museum of modern art. The toy changes its expression while squeezed by someone. 

This creative and funny desk stress relief toy will make you distract from all the unnecessary thoughts. When you practice pressure on stress balls, it stimulates your muscles and makes them stronger. Thus, works as natural healing of stress and anxiety.



Breath is the most important element of ours, it always drives us. When we feel low, automatically our breathing starts short or high. A proper and good breath is very important to run our functions thoroughly. 

Spire will measure your breathing during all normal activities and will notify you when it starts reflecting your stress. You will get to know what activity makes you tenser and which calms you down. It is specially designed to clip onto your belt, and also you can give it instructions to let you know when you are inactive and it’s time to have a fresh walk.



Well, we know that meditation is the best thing to get rid of stress or anxiety, but staying consistent and focused is always difficult. Muse is a device meant for meditation, however, designed like a headband, and uses brain-sensing technology. It senses when your mind is calm and when not. By detecting those signals, it will give some guiding sounds, so you can stay focused. 


Like breathing, posture also plays an important role in our stress management. You may have heard that everybody should sit straight, but you know there is a psychology behind it, that when we sit straight we feel good, more, confident, and happy, and when we sit slouched it makes us feel low. 

Prana is here to help you out with improving not only your breath but your posture too. It notifies you when you have to improve your posture and will maintain your diaphragmatic relaxation and right posture. 


Stress is a part of our everyday routine, but sometimes it occupies us so much that we are not able to control it, and the worst scenario is when you need to work but stress interferes with it. To neutralize the effect of stress, there are some stress relief toys or gadgets, with which you can play and overcome your tension and anxiety. Some are so wonderful and easy-going toys such as the faces of the moon ball, its expressions will distract you instantly. Other toys such as fidget cube will work to control your anger, USB aromatherapy will give you refreshing vibes, prana and spire will help you in attaining proper and adequate breath. The pip and well be will sense your electric responses and will notify you about it. Muse will help you with meditation.


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