Signal Relief Patch Reviews – Natural Pain Patch or Legit Scam?


Signal Relief Patch Reviews: Pain is something you can’t compromise with.

Although mild to moderate pain is common in daily lives.

But when the pain is not bearable and you have to rely upon painkillers, it’s so annoying. You can relate to it well if you are a sportsperson.

Here, I have signal relief patch for you which is a totally advanced method of pain relief and effective as oral pain killers.

So, if you want to get rid of this unpleasant experience please read everything about this.

This is going to be the most worthwhile product you have ever bought.

What Is Signal Relief Patch?

what is signal relief patch

A signal relief patch is a modern way of relieving pain, with the use of nanotechnology.

It’s a chemical-free treatment for your daily life pain.

This pain relief patch will instantly shoo off your pain only by applying it over the pain site. You may be wondering how does it able to treat our pain?

Well as I have mentioned that it uses nanotechnology, it uses electrical impulses to let the pain go.

Signal relief patch serves as a communication between the pain site and the brain.

Till now, no side effects are known of this product either from short or long-term uses.

You are free to use it anywhere where the pain is arising from.

It’s a reusable, durable, water-proof product and affordable also.

Pain killers such as NSAIDs are not good in the long term if you take them quite often.

They are just a temporary solution and make you drug-dependent over time.

You might have imagined such a product that is free from chemicals or drugs and kill your pain as effective as pain killers.

So, you are one way far to have it.

You will be given adhesive gums along with your pain relief patch.

You can use the same patch for at least two years if taken care of it.

Moreover, it works even through the fabric layer.

So, that’s an option for you to use it over your clothes.

However, it will be better to use it beneath clothes so it won’t be visible to anyone.

It’s totally up to your preference.

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How Does Signal Relief Patch Works?

how does signal relief work

The working of signal relief is completely natural and has comprised of microscopic antennas and deals with your electrical system.

Now, what is the electrical system?

An electrical system is everywhere in our body.

Each and every cell is specialized to induce electrical currents and send signals to the brain from different parts of our anatomy.

Similarly, whenever you get an injury or any other external stimulation, your body sends the signals to your brain.

Signal relief patch works by disrupting the pain signals reaching your brain and letting your pain be relieved in seconds.

Consequently, your brain doesn’t receive the signals and you won’t feel the pain.

However, it does not work with the cause of pain.

You have to seek medical assistance if you have a chronic injury or another underlying disease.

This pain relief patch is to make you free from discomfort.

Thus, don’t be confused about both things.

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Why Do You Need Signal Relief Patch?

This amazing product targets those people who want to relieve their pain naturally without any medical treatment.

And signal relief patch itself isn’t a cream, injection, or pill.

Also, It can be a life-changing product for middle-aged and old people who usually have pain in their knees, head, back, and shoulders.

It is distinguished from medical treatment due to its no side effect property.

Users can also include people who suffered from recent injuries and chronic pain.

The patches are suitable for sports activities and for any event you are going to.

Having a small size doesn’t interrupt movements and the signal relief patch is not observed as a block.

The patches are available in different colors.

This is why the patch won’t be immediately visible under clothing.

So, you can avoid the repeated questions of people that what is it and why you are wearing it.

Well, if you have someone with the same problems you can share it and you should.

You can also wear this patch for general pain throughout the body.

There are no specific areas for their use.

Above all advantages of signal relief, its no side effect tends to make this product more desirable and attractive.

There is no room for side effects because of no inclusion of any anti-inflammatory or antispasmodic substances.

It’s all possible because of advanced nanotechnology which offers a great effect in no time.

Finally, we have something that works naturally and comfortably for everyone.

The overall goal of signal relief is to stop electrical impulses that send pain messages to the brain.

Side effects like some medications are not known from the signal relief according to the manufacturer.

You will save a lot of money which you generally spend on OTC medicines.

Also, you will not be tested positive for doping tests in sports due to the absence of any active medical ingredient.

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Where I Can Use Signal Relief Patch?

Where I Can Use Signal Relief Patch?


  • Head

Headaches are a very common type of pain affecting a large number of people from child to old age.

You lack concentration and focus on other things with headaches.

Here, signal relief patch gives you a flexible routine even with the pain and manages your head and neck pain smoothly.

This lightweight, flexible and water-proof patch can be easily placed on the head, neck or either be tucked within clothes the whole day.

  • Shoulder

Shoulder pain can be caused due to various factors like a heavy workout, injury, inappropriate postures, etc.

It may also cause muscle stiffness and tension in the shoulders which signal relief patch can help to overcome.

The adhesives make the patch easy to wear the whole day.

  • Back

Back pain is something very common as we age.

Even the lifestyle pattern of young people may sometimes cause mild to moderate back pain.

So, we are here to change it.

What you need to do is place this patch on the painful spot on the back.

  • Knee

You may have joint pain due to a recent knee injury, due to aging, or maybe due to unknown reasons.

This product is really flexible and doesn’t need a specific reason to counter your pain.

And also without the need for any particular prescription.

  • Hand and wrist

Pain in the hands and wrist can be extremely annoying and disable us to work efficiently.

A frequent discomfort affects more than a physical disorder.

The signal relief patch is manufactured in a way to offers instant relief at any part of your body.

One biggest advantage of this patch is you can reuse them.

  • Foot and ankle

pain in the foot and ankle is literally an unexplainable thing to deal with.

But don’t worry, with this relief patch you will be able to overcome it quickly.

The patch won’t feel like you are wearing something.

You can either tug them inside your shoes or socks for relief the whole day.

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Signal Relief Patch Technical Facts

Initially, nanotechnology in signal relief patch was designed for the US military to communicate better.

Now the method has been evolved and can be used by anyone to have a pain-free and pleasant life.

Technical facts include:-

  • Plain plaster with no active medical ingredient
  • Water-resistant
  • Renewable
  • Multiple color options are available
  • Manufactured in the United States

Overlaid together they form a flexible and impermeable signal relief patch.

Signal Relief Patch Features

Signal Relief Patch Features

The manufacturer is open about its production secret, which generally other manufacturers hide.

Strong transparency towards its customers made this a genuine product.

However, the described results may not be felt by everyone as it is not meant for some miracle, but to limit your pain to an extent where your daily routine will not be affected.

The plain plasters used in the patch can’t be of lower quality as the USA customers often strive for a high-quality product.

A low-quality product will make the people take legal action in the European countries.

The features are listed below:-

Promptness:Signal relief patches are quick in action and provide instant results when you place them. Not even manufacturers but users also claim that it provides quick results. This is due to the use of nanotechnology.

Natural:Signal relief patch works completely naturally without any side effects or medical ingredients. Also, it doesn’t have batteries to charge, just adhesive gums to stick it properly to the pain site.

Water-resistant:– It’s an exceptional product that can wear and tear in extreme conditions. You can wear it while taking shower, swimming, heavy workout sessions.

Durable:- It’s flexible, long-lasting, and reusable. One unit of patch can be worn for two or more years. So, it will save considerable money.

Long-term results:- It’s interesting to know that many customers have experienced permanent relief from the pain. If you wear it as recommended by the manufacturer for the long term, it may be possible your pain will go forever.

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Why Signal Relief Is The Best Choice For You?

As we have discussed already, it is damn good for use.

It is a USA product designed with nanotechnology and dielectric material.

Moreover, it’s a water-resistant product, so you would not have any issues while doing whatever.

Nanotechnology works by interrupting electrical impulses to your brain and reducing inflammation naturally.

Its three-layered composition and advanced technology give you instant relief.

Furthermore, no side effects or addictive effects are known from signal relief.

And what’s more, you need to buy this.

So, let’s count the benefits briefly:-

Easy to use:– as you know it’s a lightweight, flexible, and water-proof product you can wear over clothes or directly on your skin. It’s a non-transdermal patch means it’s not incorporated with medications.

Nano-technology:– it’s a unique method to reduce pain. Signal relief uses the same technology used in some big companies. This technology has increased communication between the pain sites and the brain receiving reliable signals.

No charging:– as it works by electrical signals many of you may think it needs batteries to charge. But you are wrong, it is just like a sticker that you stuck over your body.

Money-back guarantee:– if you will not feel desired results you are free to return it back. There is a refund policy of 120 days. So, your money will not be wasted anyway. All you need to do is to return the original invoice to the bio antenna.

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How To Use Signal Relief Patch?

Signal relief patch is used with adhesives that come with the standard pack of signal relief.

You just need to place the patch at or near the pain site.

Peel off the tape strip of the patch similarly as you peel off the paper tape to stick stickers on the wall.

You can move it multiple times to spot the painful area.

Apart from this, you can buy extra adhesives at affordable prices too to use these patches for a long-time.

You can use one adhesive patch throughout the day.

After use just wipes the back of the adhesive from where it is sticking to your body with a damp cloth.

Let it dry. It will regain its stickiness after drying.

Who Is Behind Signal Relief?

Signal relief is based on Rexburg, Idaho based company. Learn more about this here —- (link)

Signal Relief Patch Customer Reviews

Customers who have used it are very happy with the results and a few of them have felt a permanent relief from pain as well.

Here are a few reviews from the signal relief patch customers:-

I injured back many years ago and have been suffering with pain year in and year out. From inflammation around my nerves. Signal has made me almost normal . I am doing everything now pain free. Thank you and God BlessCharles C


I’m using the mini on my knee & hand. It’s helping with my minor pain and swelling due to arthritis.Kathleen F.


I went from 8-9 on 10 pain level to 0-2 almost instantly in my lower back. This patch is amazing. Big thanks to those who developed this technology. God bless you and your business.Gerri T


I’m having more energy and it took care my wife’s neck pain and her leg cramps. I’m satisfied with it so far and I’m waiting if it has an effect on my enlarge prostate. Thank youJulius Q.


Can’t get enough! Friends hurt I help they forget to return them. Going to buy the small ones next for the small hurts and pain.Joe C.

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Signal Relief Patch Pricing

You will be given different color options to choose from as per your preference.

For example, you can choose a transparent patch if you don’t want it to be visible immediately.

And discounts will be given depending on the sets.

The prices are as follows:-

  • 1 unit of signal relief for $139
  • 2 units of signal relief for $ 278
  • 3 units of signal relief for $417

You can buy five-pack adhesive gums worth $10 depending on your use and skin type.

The shipping price is however a little high for international buyers and only free for USA customers.

So, in simple words signal relief provides you a better alternative to medicines/pain killers/ointments.

If you have some medical condition that causes you pain, you can take medicines and can use this pain relief patch to modulate pain together.

The technology has been evolved so far and signal relief is a live example of it.

So, you don’t have to deal with chronic pain anymore.

Where I Can Buy Signal Relief Patch?

You can purchase signal relief directly from the manufacturer on the official website.

You will get all the genuine information regarding the product and nanotechnology.

In the next step, you will be diverted to fill out the sales form.

You can purchase either in units or in sets.

Thus, you will be able to treat multiple painful areas simultaneously.

For instance, if you have pain in joints you should have two patches.

So, you don’t have to choose the most urgent area to treat.

Also, by purchasing the product through the official website you will have the possibility of discounts.

Maybe you’ll get a 50% off on offers.

You can pay by:-

  • Credit card
  • Apple pay
  • PayPal

The manufacturer offers you customer support through e-mails or via hotline.

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Signal Relief Patch Refund Policy

Signal relief offers a refund policy of 120 days with 100% money back, no questions would be asked.

You have to share the original invoice with the manufacturer, you will get money back as the manufacturer receives the product.


From the above discussion of signal relief patch, we can conclude that it’s an amazing alternative to medical treatment like pain killers.

It has pain modulation property and uses nanotechnology to relieve pain.

Its workings are based on the body’s energy and electrical impulses that create from the pain site to the brain.

Signal relief works by disrupting those electrical signals to the brain.

The big part is you don’t have to rely on certain medications you usually take.

You want to wear it directly on skin or over clothing, up to you, it works effectively in both conditions.

Hence, you can have this product and eliminate the discomforting pain with no effort.


Q. What happens when it gets wet?

The patch is water repellent and won’t be spoiled whether you swim or take a shower. If so, dry the patch and it will work well.

Q. Where do I place the Patch?

You can place the patch wherever the pain is coming from. For example, shoulders, knees, back, legs, feet, arms, neck, hands&ankle, etc.

Q.How many times can I reuse them? How long do they last?

Signal relief patch is durable and long-lasting. You can use them for years if taken care of.

Q. How do I clean them?

The path can be clean with a clean damp cloth. You can also use a mild detergent to clean it. Then let it dry.

Q. Will this help speed my recovery when I’ve overdone it during a workout or playing sports?

Yes, muscle stiffness and soreness after a heavy workout are common for fitness freaks. Signal relief is suitable for post-workout pain, age-related pain issues. As well as improves muscle strength.

Q. Do they hold up to sweat?

Yes, they do hold up to sweat. Use a double-sided adhesive gel pad inside your clothing instead of directly to the skin.

Q. Will the 3.5 Tri-Fit work on my back?

Yes, the 3.5 tri-fit is a good fit for your back and all over the body. A 3.5 tri-fit is more location-specific than a 4.5 tri-fit. It also depends on your body type.

Q. Will it help with muscle knots?

Yes, it helps in releasing muscle knots. Just place the patch over the knot and it will relieve soon.

Q. Do I need a prescription?

No, you don’t need to have a prescription to buy this. Signal relief is a lifestyle product that is used for daily wellness and comfort over the counter.

Q. How many Patches can I wear at once?

One patch is recommended in the beginning and observe how is affecting and relieving the pain. Then add more if needed.

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