What is the best food for Bones And Teeth?

You may know that our teeth and bones are composed of a huge amount of calcium.  Foods for bones and teeth are quite similar as both things require the same nutrient. Teeth are made up of calcium, phosphorus, and some other minerals. Bones on the other hand are a composition of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, sodium, and protein collagen which is most abundant in our cartilage, tendons, and skin.

It doesn’t mean that teeth are bones. Bones contain bone marrow which is the reservoir of RBC (red blood cells) and heals when broken or damaged. It grows and changes with our bodies. Teeth function differently as it doesn’t contain bone marrow or doesn’t heal if broken. Small kids lose their primary teeth and acquire new ones this is the exception, but after attaining a certain age teeth can’t heal.

But a common thing between teeth and bone is that it gets weaker with age. With age, our bones start losing their flexibility, and strength and teeth lose their enamel and become more vulnerable to tooth decay and can’t able to chew properly.

Do you know what exactly our teeth and bones do to our bodies?

Bones function

  • It helps in the movement of our body being involved with muscles.
  • It protects our important organs from any outer damage.
  • Skull protects our brain and rib cage our lungs.
  • It helps in the absorption of essential nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, this process is called

Teeth functions

  • Teeth help in our speaking, smiling, and giving an attractive shape and look to our face.
  • There are four types of teeth named molar, premolar, canine, and incisor. And all have different properties.
  • They help in the mastication of food properly as our digestion starts with our chewing process.
  • Enamel is the hardest part of the teeth. It is located in the upper part of the tooth crown. It serves as a barrier to our teeth from any kind of physical, chemical, or thermal damage.

 The question arises that if they are the vital parts of our well being so what can we do to preserve them for our future?

 Diet is the main key to provide favorable conditions and nutrients to their proper nourishment and strength.

what are the foods for bones and teeth?


It was found in the study of international osteoporosis that the people who consume yogurt daily have 3-4% more bone density than those who do not consume it. It is a good source of calcium, proteins, and probiotics.

Apart from this, it helps in gaining better immunity and a healthy weight.

Yogurt helps in strengthening good bacteria which in turn cleans out bad bacteria, thus, will prevent cavities.


Milk is enriched with calcium and phosphorus, vitamin D which is essential for our bones. Vitamin D is one of the best vitamins for strong teeth and bones. Cow milk or fortified soy milk contains approx 300mg of calcium and provides prevention from bone loss and fractures.


Spinach is rich in vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, and folic acid, iron, and calcium are the best food for strong bones and muscles. People who do not consume dairy products due to some allergy or other medical problems can use spinach as an alternative. It contains 20-25% of calcium for daily consumption. As it is high in calcium it helps in the building of teeth enamel and helps in providing oral health.


Eggs are an excellent breakfast for stronger bones and teeth. It is highly riched in calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B complex.

Egg yolk contains cholesterol in plenty of amounts and egg white is a great source of protein. Vitamin B complex is riched in folate, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6.

 It will also help in maintaining a controlled level of amino acids in your body. If you consume eggs regularly you will prevent osteoporosis and bone loss, and also help in good health of teeth for a lifetime.

Orange juice

Orange juice is rich in fiber and essential nutrients like iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, and folate. Being highly fibrous will help in maintaining good digestion and some chronic diseases like heart diseases and cancer.

 It increases the bioavailability of calcium and enhances the absorption of calcium irrespective of juice pH and citric acid.

Consuming orange juice fortified with these nutrients will improve calcium levels.

Researches have shown that women who were taking vitamin C had high bone density than those who were not consuming it.

And surprisingly it is good for our teeth’ health too. It slows down gum disease by preventing inflammation by strengthening our blood vessels and connective tissues.


Foods for strong bones and teeth include dairy products such as yogurt and milk, cheese, and egg and green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, etc. Bones and teeth are composed of high calcium content therefore, high calcium foods are best for their strength. Some vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin C are the best vitamins for bones and teeth. Consuming orange juice will slow down gum inflammation and provides nourishment to our blood vessels. Consumption of essential nutrients will help you in preventing the bone diseases such as osteoporosis, bone loss.


























































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