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Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach or a racing heart while going to a new place, or meeting a new person, during any nervous situation or before going to stage? This is a normal response of our body called anxiety, which is connected to your fear of getting judged or failed or concern about the performance. Anxiety is a universal human response while meeting any uncomfortable or nervous situation. Though anxiety is a healthy response, in case it stays for too long without any logical reason, it can become a severe anxiety disorder. So, how to overcome anxiety?  

What Anxiety Means?

Anxiety refers to a deep and constant worry about anything and in chronic levels, it levels up to intense heart racing and sweating that may drain you out throughout the day. When it starts to interfere with your daily work life, then it is a matter of concern and treatment is mandatory.

Though every anxiety is not a disorder. But, in case it stays without any logical reason or for any irrelevant fear like the fear of losing someone, of fear of getting judged in public, or when there is a storm of negative thoughts in your head, even when everything is going well can result into mental chaos.

You must be thinking about how it can happen, like without reason who will worry. But sometimes some factors are involved in this condition directly or indirectly that cause some imbalance in the mental state.

What Causes Anxiety?

There can be a number of factors that may be involved in its cause. Sometimes the anxiety may be an indication of any medical issue or underlying disease.

Some of the medical conditions are given below:-

  • Respiratory problems like asthma, COPD( chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).
  • Thyroid level imbalance is like hyperthyroidism.
  • Diabetes. 
  • Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol.
  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Certain tumors tend to produce fight or flight hormones unnecessarily.
  • Any family history dealing with anxiety.
  • Chronic stress triggers you often.
  • Misuse of drugs.
  • Withdrawal from anti-anxiety drugs.

Symptoms Of Anxiety

As we discussed that intense worrying about anything or a persistent fear is often considered a major sign of anxiety. Well, to understand it a bit more detailed, you need to go through the list a follows:-

Intense worry

Anxiety is directly proportional to deep worry about something. Mostly the aged people above 65 years are at high risk of acquiring anxiety disorders. Though, in this generation and lifestyle, even youngsters do face anxiety often because of being too conscious about their appearance and social image.


Basically, restlessness means not be at rest or peace. In the case of anxiety, it plays a major role. Most people with anxiety disorders feel the same. Always a deep urge to move triggers them and is not able to sit peacefully or consistently. And on average 70% of people do feel restlessness as a sign of anxiety.


Excessive fatigue and exhaustion may occur if you are in deep thinking or worry, as it will drain your energy out, and leave you feeling sleepy and tired. Even so, exhaustion is not fully associated with any anxiety disorder, it can be a sign of depression or any other medical condition.

Lack of concentration

Anxiety leaves your mind with a storm of thoughts that resist you from focusing on other things. You want to do something, but your mind won’t allow you to do so. And things get out of your head sometimes.

Lack of interest

You don’t feel anything exciting or interesting, also your appetite will be affected by it. During anxiety, our stomach may cross the barrier which protects us from bacterial infection. Thus, as a result, you may have digestion and appetite-related problems. 


when things don’t please you, it may cause some irritation and frustration. Avoiding social contact is the result of this. And even the things you like the most won’t give you pleasure. It reflects that somebody is either under stress or anxiety.

Difficulty in sleeping

Any sleep disorder like insomnia may occur or either repetitive interruption in sleep like a sudden awakening or hard to sleep for hours, not enough sleep.

Well, anxiety can show its evil nature, in many forms. There are certain disorders, which you may encounter if the problem stays consistent for more than 6 months.

Or either you can say that there are a variety of disorders associated with anxiety.

Anxiety Disorders

Generalized anxiety disorder:- people with this disorder worry a lot about the things like family, money, or health. They used to anticipate the worst situations without any reason. This trait of the disorder is found in women twice as men.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder:- as the name suggests that it includes obsession or compulsion of something. A person with this disorder has some repeated thoughts to do something in the routine and they become obsessed about that, for example washing hands various times, so as not to get dirty hands. You may not want to think or do those things, but somehow you become non-resistant to the urge.

Panic disorders:- panic attacks are characterized by some triggers that cause you to fear and lose your control. You may experience it while driving a car, in your meeting, or doing any routine work. There might be no apparent reason for the worry, but still, you feel uncontrollable and in fear of the next encounter with the attack. Sometimes, panic attacks may cause heart attacks.

Post-traumatic stress disorder:- this may occur after going through a trauma, like severe illness, violence, or any past hardships. People feel intense emotional and mental pain to release themselves out of this and may come across flashbacks of past experiences, nightmares, severe anxiety. 

Social phobia:or else we can say this social anxiety disorder, in which a person doesn’t feel comfortable meeting new people or has a fear of being judged or bullied by them. People with this disorder usually stay isolated and do not actively participate in any social gatherings. When going out in public, they feel extremely awkward and feel run away

How To Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is treatable if diagnosed in the early stages, or either there will be a need for a therapist or medicines.

worry less

Breathing techniques for anxiety

Whenever we feel the endangered situation, we tend to lose our control and start to fumble. Rather take some break and try breathing techniques for anxiety, that can instantly help you out in overcoming those situations. With adequate breathing and a calm mind, you will get rid of sudden exposure to anxiety.



Exercise is the evergreen means to wellness. Make your routine to exercise. It will help in releasing good hormones, that will help in preventing and overcoming stress, anxiety, or depression.

Spend time with a loved one

spend time with loved ones

Spend time with those whom you think can understand you. The big mistake we make is to avoid social contact when feeling any issue, rather face it and speak that you are not well. 

Take a walk

Whenever you feel so, just go out and have a solo walk. It will distract your mind and make you focus on the outer things in the world.

take a walk

Or either you can sit alone for some time in a park. When we connect to nature, it actually makes us feel relaxed. Try it out once.

Maintain your sugar level

sugar levels

Sometimes our anxiety may be the result of low sugar levels in the blood. So, keep your sugar level maintained and have a banana or chocolate when you feel so.

Talk to a consultant

When you don’t feel rest even after trying things, then it may be possible you need to have medical counseling. So, do not feel hesitant and go to your consultant and share your condition confidently.


Anxiety is normal human nature when feeling nervous or uncomfortable. But it can be abnormal when it starts interfering with your normal routine. You may not be getting sleep because of the constant worry of any unreasonable thinking, or you might have a racing heart, feeling uninterested in everything, or dealing with panic attacks. There are various types of anxiety disorders, which you can relate to. Not every anxiety is chronic but if you stay consistent for more than 6 months, you need to consult a doctor. Apart from this you can get rid of daily base anxiety by doing exercise, walking while feeling unwell, or talking to your friend and telling the condition. Sometimes low sugar levels can result in feeling anxious. How to overcome anxiety becomes easy when you don’t put yourself in isolation and chaos. Accept it and take it as normal human behavior. Things get worse when we try to avoid or ignore the things, instead of facing and treating them. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I calm my anxiety?

Calming anxiety is a long process and you can’t control it quickly. But as soon as you realize symptoms of anxiety just distract yourself and prevent it from getting worse. There are some tips, we hope will help you up to some extent. 

Tips to calm anxiety:- 

  • Breathe deeply
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Distract your mind
  • Talk to someone
  • Drink some water
  • Take a walk 
  • Try not to overthink
  • Don’t run away and accept you have anxiety 
  • Don’t hesitate to tell someone your condition

How can I kill anxiety naturally?

Anxiety is a non-invited friend that often comes into everybody’s life sometimes. But by following a good lifestyle you can get rid of it naturally. 

Tips to kill anxiety naturally:- 

Regular exercise:- keep yourself active every day it boosts your mood, and increases your confidence level.

Avoid alcohol:- heavy alcohol consumption is not good for you. It’s a natural sedative and will cause you withdrawal symptoms that often come up with severe anxiety. 

Practice breathing techniques:- breathing practice will relax your mind and keep you, patient, all day.

Meditation:- meditate for some time daily, it frees your mind and refreshes your soul.

Eat healthily:- focus on a healthy diet and try to avoid outside food more often.

Avoid caffeine:- caffeine may bring an episode of anxiety and would not be good when you are already dealing with it.

Can anxiety be cured?

No, anxiety is not curable as it is not a physical problem but a psychological issue that occupies almost everybody’s mind and treats itself within a few days or overtime. First of all, it should be diagnosed as soon as possible before symptoms get worse. With the appropriate treatment, it can be manageable. There are some behavioral therapies the patient can take if there is no need for medication. In severe cases, doctors may prescribe anti-anxiety medications too. 

What is the best treatment for anxiety?

As anxiety is a psychological disorder, one should take psychotherapy first before going on medications. Psychotherapy or talk therapy is an effective method in reducing the symptoms related to anxiety. كيف تربح في البوكر Cognitive-behavioral therapy is also the best preferable treatment for patients dealing with anxiety disorders. 

How do I know if I need anxiety medication?

Well, don’t try to self-medicate yourself if you feel anxiety some days. Take a doctor’s consultation before taking any step. You will need medication when your anxiety makes your daily tasks difficult, you feel sleep issues a lot, and are less focused even when you are trying to focus for a prolonged time. Usually, anxiety treats itself within a few days, if not visit a psychotherapist. 

What is the latest treatment for anxiety?

Ketamine is the latest anesthetic in the treatment of mood disorders approved by food and drug administration. Though it’s an anesthetic drug, it has effective relief in certain mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

How do I ask my doctor for anxiety medication?

Always ask for medication when your symptoms are severe enough to take them. And if you want to proceed with it you can directly ask your doctor to do the same. Tell them the symptoms you are feeling clear. 

Ask for the side effects that you could experience after taking the dose. Or if your doctor is prescribing you medicines without your request, you can ask for other options too. Ask him how soon you will see the benefits. You have to be transparent with your doctor for early and effective treatment. قواعد لعبة بوكر  

How long can anxiety last?

There is no exact duration of anxiety and it depends on the cause of anxiety most of the time. In generalized anxiety disorder, people might feel excessive worry for at least 6 months for several triggers such as work, social life, personal relationships, health, past life guilt, and many others things. However, it can be suppressed by some cognitive therapies and support from the family and friends in the early stage. لعبة الكازينو  

What is bad anxiety?

Yeah, anxiety is not bad always as we all feel anxious at the beginning of a new thing, and it is normal at all. The problem starts when this excitement transforms into worry or excessive worry about the situation and it starts declining your productivity in the work, it is an indication of the onset of bad anxiety and needs to be overcome soon. 

Can anxiety go away without medication?

Of course, anxiety goes away without medication, but you need to accept it as soon it appears in your life. Changing your lifestyle a little bit, asking for help from someone, avoiding drinking and smoking will help you reduce the symptoms. If you don’t get benefits from this, consult a good psychotherapist.

What are the 4 levels of anxiety?

The 4 levels of anxiety are as follows:-

  • Mild anxiety
  • Moderate anxiety
  • Severe anxiety
  • Panic level anxiety 

Is anxiety a mental illness?

Anxiety is a psychological issue caused by excessive thinking and worrying about the future of the past. But sometimes, the overwhelming behavior starts interfering with the patient in work life, social life, and personal life, and the person may feel triggered while exposed to a specific situation. Hence, it can develop into a severe mental illness that can also cause panic attacks. 

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